Where to put your humidifier: 10 tips to find the best placement for your stuff

It is not a secret, a humidifier is a great device to keep you and your family healthy. It helps to increase the humidity level in your home, cope with acne and dry skin, and improve the quality of sleep. How close should a humidifier be to your bed for better results? The size, location, and the room where the humidifier is used are really important.

10 tips for finding best the place for a humidifier in the room

If you have this great machine in your house, you may be wondering where should I put my humidifier. Maybe in the bedroom or living room, where you spend a lot of time? Or should it be in the driest room? If you are not sure, we will help you to find the best location for a humidifier. But first, you should answer some questions.

Who needs a humidifier

Everything depends on your main goal. Do you want to get rid of dry skin or help your baby sleep better? Or is it necessary to increase the humidity level where you have a lot of plants? Understanding your goal will give you an idea of where to place your humidifier.

The type of humidifier

The best type of humidifier

For every humidifier, there is an ideal place in your home. Putting your warm mist humidifier near the bed can be dangerous, central humidifiers have fewer options for their locations. So, everything is about the type of humidifier that you choose.

The size of the humidifier

You may be surprised, but this is also an essential factor. If you get a portable and compact humidifier, you will be able to put it wherever you want. You can just place one on top of a table or cabinet. But others are huge and bulky which will not make that possible.

The mechanism of work

If you understand the mechanism behind the machine, you will know the importance of not putting it directly against a wall, or on the table. For example, if you choose the cool mist humidifier, you should understand that this type needs space for proper air circulation. So, you can’t put it directly against a wall. Therefore, you need to know all about your humidifier to choose the best location for it.

Room size

You should understand the importance of the size of your room. Measure your room to consider which humidifier is best for you. Is your room small, big, or medium size? The majority of humidifiers are perfect for rooms of medium size.

The best humidifier for babies

Safest humidifier for baby

Make sure that you choose a safe humidifier for your kids. Most experts recommend cool mist humidifiers for a baby because it is safer than other types. Warm mist humidifiers boil water to create steam, therefore, it is not the right choice for households with children or pets. Such humidifiers can cause serious burns to children.

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The main goal

If you buy a humidifier to cope with asthma or any other respiratory problems, the best placement is somewhere close to the bed or favorite living room chair. If your main goal is simply to increase the humidity level, the location is not so specific and important, just buy a portable humidifier and change the location of your device as you desire.

Perfect location

The right place for a humidifier, what should it look like? Make sure that the location is flat, dry, and firm. If there are carpets or rugs nearby, make it a habit to check them once in a while. Do not place a cool mist humidifier on the floor. The higher up off the floor the humidifier is placed the better. It produces a mist that has to get mixed with the air. When the humidifier is placed on the floor, the mist has no chance to get mixed with the air and it causes wet floors. Try to put it on a nightstand or a table.


The best location for a cool mist humidifier

If you have some decor on the walls, photos or something similar, don’t place your humidifier nearby. If you have no choice, try to check everything once in a while. Check to be sure your child’s toys or clothes are not obstructing the outflow of mist.

Heating and humidifiers

No, no, no. Water and electricity should never ever come together. Therefore, make sure that there are no open or live wires near your humidifier.

Where to place a humidifier in the bedroom

Did you know that the size of the humidifier and the size of your room are connected? The reason is really simple. If you choose a small humidifier for your spacious and big room, it won’t do the job well. You won’t notice any benefits from your humidifier. And, the same is true with a humidifier that is too large for your small room. It is harmful to the health of your family. If the humidifier is too large for your space, it may end up creating mold and actually make you feel uncomfortable and sick over time. If you’re wondering where to put a humidifier in the bedroom, here are some good spots in your bedroom or your baby’s room.

Cool mist humidifier in the bedroom

The humidifier in the bedroom

You’ve chosen a cool mist humidifier and want to place it in your bedroom. So, what about locations? The best spot to place the humidifier is near your bed. Great choice. The cooling effect will help you to improve the quality of sleep, boost your immune system, and make your brain work faster. Also, you will breathe easier, because cool mist humidifiers will remove allergens from your bedroom. Isn’t that good news? But, remember: clean your device regularly.

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Warm mist humidifier

You should know that warm mist humidifiers boil water, that is why everyone should be really careful. Of course, you can place it near your bed, but only if you are awake. If you use a warm mist humidifier at your bedtime, you need to keep it away from your bed and make sure that it is placed on a stable surface. You should be extra careful due to the risk of burns that the hot mist or hot water may cause.

Large bedroom and a small humidifier

So, you decided to buy a small humidifier for your spacious room and want to choose the best location. It is not as hard as it might seem. The best spot is relatively close to the bed. The mist from this type of humidifier may not be able to reach all areas in the room. Also, you won’t even notice the benefits from your small device if it is too far away from you. The mist simply may not even reach you. Therefore, we recommend you place it closer to your bed, but make sure that the cords are out of the way and will not be in your path if you need to get out of the bed in the middle of the night.

Children’s bedroom or nursery

Humidifier for baby’s room

As we mentioned, an enormous risk of burns exists. Therefore, it is not the best choice for your nursery. But, if you already have this type of humidifier, you should be sure your baby cannot reach it. So, keep the warm mist humidifier away from your child’s bed. But we recommend you choose a cool mist humidifier for a baby’s nursery instead.

A large humidifier in any room size

You may think that a big humidifier is the best choice for all rooms. But it is not true. If the room is big enough, the mist will reach the farthest spots. However, if you place a large humidifier in a small room, it can cause some troubles. The humidifier will spread too much mist, which can create mold and make you feel uncomfortable and sick over time. A medium size room allows you to choose the spot where your humidifier will work. You can place it anywhere and the vapors will maintain the right level of humidity.

Where is the best place to put a humidifier in the living room

Where to put a humidifier in the living room

It is really wise to place your humidifier in the living room, where you and all your family members spend a lot of time together. So, everyone will get all the possible benefits from a humidifier. One of the biggest benefits of placing a humidifier in your living room is that it can help to increase the moisture and humidity levels in the air. As a result, the chances of cold and flu go down significantly. You should place the humidifier where you need it the most.

Note: pay attention that the humidifier you choose is appropriately sized for the room. You should remember, avoid placing your humidifier near a vent or register.

Where to place a humidifier in the baby room

Dry air can make your skin itchy and can also trigger eczema. Baby’s skin is more sensitive and needs good protection, the right humidity level, and care. Therefore, a humidifier is a good way to solve all the problems with dry skin. It also helps improve the quality of your child’s sleep and ease allergies or other respiratory problems. Be sure that the humidifier and cord are kept far away from your child. Note: do not buy a warm mist humidifier for your baby’s room to avoid the risk of any burns.

Best place for whole house humidifier

Do you want to improve the quality of the air in the whole house? It’s a great idea for those who want to get as many health benefits as possible for all family members. The whole-house humidifiers can attach to a furnace or stand alone. The decision is up to you, depending on which one fits your needs best.

Warning: do not place it near a vent or an electrical outlet. Rust can be created on the outlet or the water can pose the risk of a short circuit.

Where to place a humidifier in the office room

The best humidifier for office

Do you suffer from dry air at your office? The best choice for such purposes is a compact and portable humidifier. You don’t need to buy a big and noisy humidifier, because it can disturb everyone in the office while they are working. Such types of humidifiers can be powerful enough to raise the moisture level in the whole office. Also, you can keep it close to you to get more benefits from the humidifier’s work. Just place a humidifier on your desk. Don’t place it on the floor to avoid damage to your device if someone bumps or kicks it while walking through the office. If you share the office with colleagues, you can’t just put a humidifier in the center of the room.

Where is the best place to put a humidifier

As you can see, there are a lot of variables, everything depends on your goals, size of the room, and the type of humidifier you want to buy. In any case, you will get a lot of benefits from your device from peaceful sleep to good skin to easing respiratory problems.

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