Humidifier Water Cartridge (5-Pack) Tank Cleaner

Humidifier Water Cartridge (5-Pack) Tank Cleaner

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  • Removes odor;
  • Eliminates white dust;
  • Makes your humidifier last much longer;
  • Stress-free use, just drop and enjoy;
  • Purifies water.

GENIANI’s AQUASTICK WATER CARTRIDGE: Take proactive steps to ensure your humidifier lasts for up to years of use with our evaporative and ultrasonic compatible humidifier demineralization cartridge. Prevent the formation of dirt and odor-causing in your humidifier’s water tank and create a safe environment for those around you.

KEEP YOUR HUMIDIFIER CLEAN: only one stick needed per gallon tank. Ensure your humidifier is running smoothly and prevent hard water mineral build-up with our humidifier tank cleaning cartridge. Note, for quality assurance, that the use of one to two Aquasticks is advised for humidifiers operating under a two gallon tank.

FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE: Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations when cleaning your humidifier’s tank prior to using our cartridge. Also be advised that it’s best you use only fresh, clean water with your cartridge for Humidifier. Note the purchase of replacement cartridges for backup is necessary as they need to be replaced every 30-40 days, swapping out the old ones.

HASSLE-FREE USE: Simply drop a universal Geniani demineralization cartridge for humidifier use into your humidifier and feel the difference as it purifies water within your tank. The ultimate way to keep your mist output clean and humidifier working smoothly.

DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND: Geniani’s humidifier treatment is just one of the many ways we demonstrate our value in developing powerful, safe, and innovative technologies that impact the way you live. Like with our ultrasonic humidifier replacement demineralization cartridges that help people lead happier and healthier lives.

Item Dimensions
1.18 x 1.18 x 1.18 inches
Item Weight
‎4.2 ounces
Cartrige Capacity
‎0.5 Gallon
Cartriges Included
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