Magma Heat Wrap for Neck and Shoulders Cloud Gray

Magma Heat Wrap for Neck and Shoulders Cloud Gray

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Microwavable Heating Wrap Magma™ for Neck and Shoulders

Say goodbye to a stiff neck or sore shoulders with Magma Heating Wrap™!

This comfortable heat wrap for the neck and shoulders will help you alleviate chronic pains by releasing a constant stream of heat that goes deep into your body, relaxing muscles, relieving pressure, and improving blood flow in that area.

MICROWAVE SAFE. Our heated neck warmer is microwavable, so you can use it right away when you need it

CORDLESS. Since it has a different heating system than an electrical wrap, there are no cords to annoy you or present a safety hazard 

PORTABLE. Besides home use, Magma™ Heating Wrap was designed to be portable, being simple to pack and use in all positions: sitting, standing, or lying down

COMFORTABLE. The outside layer of the wrap is made of soft material, while also being double-stitched for durability, and weighed to stay in place wherever you go

AROMATHERAPY. This neck wrap is filled with a herbal mix of lavender and millets, so when heated it will release a calming scent of fresh lavender

VERSATILE. It can work both as a heated or a cold wrap. Place it in the microwave to heat it up, or in the freezer to cool it down


  • Relieve chronic pain and tension effortless with Magma™!
  • Made to ergonomically fit the contour of your neck and shoulders
  • A lot more than just a heating wrap
  • No more annoying cables and a storage pouch included!
  • Make soreness, migraine, and tension a thing of the past. You deserve it!
  • Universal Size
  • Weighted
  • Lavender Aromatherapy Included
  • Cold Therapy
  • Hot Therapy
  • Ultra Soft


  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Ingredients: Millets, Lavander


  • Item Weight: 3.02 lbs
  • Package Dimensions : 12.4 x 7.01 x 5.35 inches;
  • Package Weight: 3.44 Pounds

Our microwave-safe heating wrap offers up to 20 minutes of soothing heat, is designed to stay in place even on the go, so you can use it wherever you are: at home, at work, or while traveling. 

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Basic Recomendations

  • Please do not wash or wet the wrap.
  • You can only clean the visible spots or stains by hand.
  • Do not subject the Magma Wrap to any dry cleaning, wet cleaning, or hand-washing.
  • Please make sure that the Magma Wrap and storage bag are clean and dry before heating them in the microwave.
  • Place the Magma Wrap inside the storage bag and then onto a clean, dry place. 


  • Don't get the product wet 
  • Don't wash 
  • Don't iron 
  • Don't bleach 
  • Spot clean only 


  • All orders are shipped within 1 – 2 days with a shipping duration of 2 – 5 business days after the package has left our facility.


  • Available not only for 30 days but for up to a year. No questions asked.


A shoulder and neck heat wrap that relieves anxiety and stress

Since it also doubles up as an aromatherapy product, Magma Heating Wrap will not only provide soothing heat that will relax your body, but it will also release a mild scent of lavender that will calm and caress your senses.

Now you can have your own relaxing ambient wherever you go with this warming neck wrap, and unwind your body and mind from the challenges of daily life.

Magma Heat Wrap for Neck and Shoulders
Microwavable Heat Wrap Geniani Magma Gray

Efficient microwave heat wrap for neck and shoulders

With Magma Heating Wrap heating wrap you don’t have to worry about plugging in, or getting tangled-up in any cables.

With a cordless design and a straightforward approach, all you need to do is place the heating wrap in the microwave, so you can use it whenever you need it.

It will deliver up to 20 minutes of relaxing, penetrating heat, being enough to relieve muscle tension, and take the stress away.

Alleviates chronic pains

Weighted and made to fit the contour of your shoulders, our heating wrap delivers a deep, constant around your neck, allowing it to loosen up and release the tension that causes chronic neck pains.

It will also have a positive impact on other types of soreness and even migraines, improving your overall mood and wellbeing.

Magma Heatable Neck Wrap Gray
Geniani Magma - Microwavable Heating Wrap with Aromatherapy

Made to last

Magma Heating Wrap was designed as a lifetime product, with sturdy inner material enforced by double stitching, and a soft outside material meant for comfort.

It’s resistant enough to be microwave-safe, and it can also withstand freezing, since it was designed as a versatile product meant for both heat and cold therapy.

Geniani Magma Heatable Neck Wrap

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