All Geniani products come with an industry leading 2-year warranty for any defects or malfunctions.


We continually provide the best products we can for you and your family. Providing many healthy benefits while delivering Luxury, Style, Comfort, and Functionality all in one.


We strive to serve you with excellent customer service and that begins as you place your first order. Enjoy free shipping and no hassle returns on any GENIANI products!

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Featured Products

  • 2.4L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aroma Humidifier with Essential Oil Set


    Is it possible to have good-looking skin without special care? To sleep well without sleeping pills? To work effectively without ten cups of coffee in the morning?

    With a Geniani humidifier, it is. It produces pure and fresh oxygen that wakes up your brain, improves blood circulation, elevates mood, and provides a good night’s sleep.

    Here is a quick glance at Geniani humidifiers

    • 2 working modes: a humidifier and an aroma diffuser;
    • Ultrasonic whisper-quiet technology;
    • 2 years of warranty;
    • 2.4 L water tank capacity;
    • 10 ml of aroma oil as a gift.
  • 3L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with Night Light and Auto Shut-off


    Automatic shut-off
    3 liter water tank
    360-degree mist nozzle
    Whisper quiet technology
    Night light feature
    2 Year Warranty!


  • Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser and Aroma Oil Set – Large – 380 ML


    Geniani aroma diffuser is your way to enjoy aromatherapy!

    • Ultrasonic technology;
    • LED-light with 6 color options;
    • 2 years of warranty;
    • 380 ml. tank capacity;
    • 360-degree nozzles for adjusting moisture;


  • XL Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy -12 x 24″ (Gray)


    Geniani X Large Heating Pad for Back Pain (Gray) helps you cope with back pain or neck aches better that other heating pads available. It effectively increases blood circulation, soothes muscles, and relieves cramps. X large size covers small and large muscles groups. Start a healthy life with Geniani. Buy online to get this awesome X large heating pad now.

    • X large heating pads for full body relief
    • Fast heating
    • Several heating options
    • 5 year warranty
  • XL Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy -12 x 24″ (Berry Brown)


    Geniani King Size Heating Pad (Berry Brown) is the greatest solution for everyone with back pain or neck ache. Fast heat distribution is all you need to have an effective treatment and healthy life. Such big size cover small and large muscles groups. Easily choose the heat option, relax and feel how pain goes away! Buy online to get this awesome king size heating pad now.

    • King size heating pads for full body relief;
    • Fast heating;
    • Several heating options;
    • 5 years of warranty.
  • XXL Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy -18 x 26″ (Blue Gray)


    Geniani XXL Electric Heating Pad (Wisdom Gray) offers moist and dry heat therapy for shoulders and neck pain. Perfect for largest muscles to get rid of tension and pain faster and more effectively than ever. 100% safe with a 2-hour auto shut off option. Extra long cord allows you to do heat therapy right in bed or your favorite couch. Choose the perfect temperature level that fits your needs and enjoy a healthy pain-free life now with the largest available electric heating pad.

    • XXL Electric Heating Pad for full pain relief
    • Offers both moist and dry heating therapy
    • Super fast heating with three modes
    • Gentle micro plush fibers to promote better relaxation

Experience The GENIANI Difference

With our collection of Health & Household products, we strive to improve your life in many ways. In order for you to breathe only the cleanest air, we have created our humidifiers and aroma diffusers. They are used for aromatherapy and purifying the air around you, perfect for a large room at home or your office space. We also offer electric heating pads for fast pain relief home therapy. A quick and easy way for treating muscle pain or soreness.

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