Top 25 baby shower gifts ideas for twins

Searching for the perfect baby shower gift for twins? It can be a real challenging task. You might be wondering what is expected of you as the guest since two babies are being celebrated, not just one. There’s no way around it; parents of multiples need a lot of stuff to assist in their care, and to make life a little easier. Geniani’s team put together cute baby shower gift ideas for twins to help you make a perfect choice.

How to choose a good gift for twins baby shower

What would be appreciated by most new parents of twins, triplets, or more? The gift has to be the right stuff; some things are better off in quantity, while others demand quality. So, what should you know before buying a present for twins? Here are some useful and great tips about choosing a good baby shower gift for twins.

Be smart

You don’t need to buy two gifts, nor a more expensive gift. Whatever you chose from the registry is fine, or whatever you want to give to the family. No one receiving a gift should “expect” anything!

Avoid cheaply-made products

Do not buy toys or clothes which are made from low-quality products. The point of a baby shower is to help the new parents out and obviously, parents of twins need more stuff. But what people spend varies based on budget and relationship with parents.

Buy useful products

If you’re bringing clothes, bring something for each baby or a pack of something. If you’re buying something larger, one is just fine. Do not buy gifts that are not useful at all. One gift is fine if it’s something shareable like diapers or a large item. If, for example, you are choosing an outfit or toy, it’s best to go with two.

25 best gifts for a twin baby shower

Although most expectant parents register somewhere for baby gifts, there are a few gifts for parents expecting twins that could be the lifesaving products they didn’t even know they needed. Here are some gift suggestions that would be appreciated by most new parents of twins, triplets, or more.

1. BPA-free twin pack

Do you want to give a useful gift? We found a great idea! BPA-free twin pack makes snacking more enjoyable for both baby and parents. This innovative baby snack cup is ideal for every child. The Treat Snack Container allows snack prep with a spill-proof design, removable snack catcher and handles that are perfectly sized for a child’s small grip. Bright colors, high-quality material and a unique product that is perfect for every parent.

2. Humidifier

The protection against dry air is one of the most important benefits of having a humidifier in a child’s room. This is especially true in the winter months. In this season, air tends to become dry from your heating system removing the natural moisture from it. Babies easily fall prey to infections and illnesses. It happens because they are much more susceptible to congestion. A humidifier adds moisture to the air and creates optimal breathing conditions, allowing your baby to sleep comfortably and loosen the build-up of mucus. A humidifier also helps relieve your baby of irritated, dry skin. The Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier will be the perfect choice for every nursery.

3. Healthy sleep habits, happy twins: A step-by-step program for sleep-training your multiples

As parents of twins and multiples know, the problem with sleep becomes double trouble. Now, Dr. Marc Weissbluth gives specialized advice for parents of twins with his tried-and-true sleep-training methods in Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins. This book will show exhausted moms and dads how to get their babies to sleep on their own, stay asleep, and sleep regularly. This essential step-by-step guide to establishing good sleep patterns reveals how to build healthy habits in twins’ natural slumber cycles.

4. Cuddle for twins

Two identical blankies are a cute and useful gift. Machine washable, soft and a perfect gift for twins. Parents can use it RIGHT away, nap time, bedtime, car ride, the blanky is there. The ridges on the blanky, the ears, it’s just perfect to chew on, suck on, and cuddle with.

5. Baby footprint kit & handprint photo frame

The cutest gift for parents, that will save great and sweet memories forever. Before mom knows it, those little hands will be waving goodbye as the children go off to college. Cherish those first special moments with the new baby keepsake that captures their perfect little handprint, footprint, fingers and toes for life. Baby Footprint Kit & Handprint Photo Frame.

6. Supportive nursing pillow for twins

You can see how this is the perfect gift. This nursing pillow is specifically designed to make breastfeeding twins more comfortable. Help to maintain good posture during feeding which prevents soreness in your back and neck. It allows you to store extra bottles, nipple cream or even a smartphone to avoid getting up in the middle of nursing and disrupting newborns. A supportive nursing pillow is a must-have and a dream for every twin-mother.

7. Baby plush

Made with 100% cotton and features a 3D animal face on the hood. It is a perfect gift and the best in baby essentials. The baby plush hooded robe is made of super-soft, cozy plush material to dry and warm baby after bath or pool time.

8. Drinking bibs

A twin set of bibs are great for creating memories, sharing the cuteness with friends and family, and taking twin keepsake photos. It is funny and cute, just believe us. These bibs for twin babies are 100% natural cotton and gentle on the skin. Help avoid messy cleanups and keep babies clean and dry with your funny present. Drinking bibs are a perfect and unique gift for a baby shower.

9. Nightlight with white noise

Portable light and sound machine calm little ones with such different sounds as shushing, heartbeat and white noise. This portable light and the sound machine can quickly help when dealing with a cranky or colicky baby, especially when the noise is louder than their crying. This device was made to give parents a break and designed with science in mind. This portable, battery-powered gadget, is a life-saver when a baby is away from home, but needs to get some rest. The Sound Machine also features a timer and nightlight which can even pulse in sync with the noise.

If you want to know all the benefits of white noise you should read an article ‘Does white noise help babies sleep’

10. Heating pad

It is not a secret everyone needs rest. After an hour or two of relaxation, mommy might want to take a nap with her babies. Automatic shut-off 2 hours shut off option will prevent excessive heating. They are protected, be sure!

11. Expandable wire bangle bracelet

The twin’s bracelet will be the perfect gift for any pregnant mom, a baby’s gender reveals a gift or a baby shower gift. Plus, the stainless steel is hypoallergenic, it doesn’t rust, change color or tarnish. Cute and stylish present.

12. Baby diaper caddy – large organizer

A stylish and functional diaper organizer for a nursery room is a useful and perfect baby shower gift. An adorable style and colors, high-quality fabric and soft to touch organizer is a good match. It includes removable organizing dividers that mom can organize diapering essentials such as diapers, wipes, lotions, toys and many more, all in one place.

13. Twin pillow

The must-have for all twin-parents! This pillow will make the process of feeding babies much easier. The design is cool enough to comfortably support both twins during breastfeeding. Soft and durable material, the machine-washable twin pillow is a great gift.

14. Baby bodysuits

Super cute, fun and so cool baby shower gift are found! These twin clothes will be a big hit for the first pictures sent out to family and friends.

15. Twin mom bracelet

Sweet adjustable bangle bracelet makes a wonderful gift for Mom on Mother’s Day or a nice memorial gift for pregnancy. This hand-stamped, personalized twin baby shower gift is the perfect gift idea!

16. Stoneware mug

A latte cup with a cute or fun quote, made from stoneware. Perfect for gifting to a mother of twins. It is a creative and useful gift. Dishwasher safe, although washing by hand is recommended to best preserve decals, plus it is microwave safe.

17. Baby socks gift set

Looking for something different as a newborn gift? Such adorable socks are cute and unique. 4 pairs of socks, with different funny cute quotes on the bottom of the sock. Presented in a well-packaged gift box.

18. Shower gift basket set

Perfect baby shower gift basket to welcome the newest twin babies in your life. Includes essential items for the baby’s first few months. Lightweight, breathable and versatile muslin swaddle blankets; 2 fabrics (organic cotton and bamboo blend) perfect for new mom and dads to try out, two BPA free pacifier attached to plush doll toy to comfort and grow with baby, two 100% cotton kimono onesie bodysuit for easy changing and two absorbent cotton bandana bib to keep spills and drools under control, 64 count Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes.

19. Breast-like nipple for natural latch

Two 9-ounce baby bottles with Slow Flow nipple, ideal for newborn babies. Always BPA-free and phthalate-free for ultimate reassurance. The closer to nature nipple with anti-colic valve reduces excessive air flow, so little ones ingest more milk and less air.

20. Mommy and daddy mug heart set w/two baby romper

It is hard to come up with a unique present sometimes. You can’t go wrong with an uncommon, not sold in stores coffee mug that tells the world about those drinking from it. Great idea to include in gift baskets. Just see how it is cute.

21. Twins first year hardcover memory book

New parents are guided through the newborns the first year, including first experiences and holidays. This scrapbook is the perfect gift for new parents looking to remember their twin’s early days.

22. Premium super soft fuzzy throw blanket

The special fuzzy and glow in the dark design make it the best surprise for everyone! It is a good baby shower gift, we swear! Forestar throw blanket is made with the greatest quality of 100% microfiber polyester fabric for durable use. This comfy, cozy and velvety throw provides the best fade and stain-resistant. It won’t fade, wrinkle or shed.

23. Spa gift box

A great present for your wife, sister, best friend, coworker or girlfriend. Such a curated gift box with all essentials for the bath is guaranteed to be a big hit at the baby shower for the new momma. Bath bombs, salt and other useful things for perfect Spa at home is a great idea!

24. Funny new mom wine glass with a stem

If you’re looking for gift ideas for new moms celebrating the most significant milestones of their life – from the baby bump to the last month. Cheers to all pregnant mothers that push through! Moms are the best!

25. Extra-large diaper bag

It is for mommy and daddy, which is roomy enough to store twins items plus their items to even work on the go. Such a baby bag includes all functions you need, such as changing mat, stroller straps, insulated pockets, anti-theft pocket, side tissue pocket, keychain hook, and many organizer pockets. Perfect for families who are always on the move or love to travel.


Cool baby shower presents for twins

As you can see, it is not so hard to choose the right gift for a baby shower. All you need are to be creative, avoid cheaply-made products and think about future parents and their own needs.

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