40 best useful gift ideas for athletes

Athletes can be hard to shop for. Athletes and gym-goers can often be hard to shop for with their sport-specific gear, tight schedule and dietary restrictions. If someone you love falls into this category, our gift guide will make your life a lot easier. Choosing expensive or cheap gifts for athletes is not a problem anymore. Geniani has a million gift ideas for the holidays and all year round – no matter what sport or activity your loved one is into.

The perfect presents for athletes

Shopping for athletes, runners, and other active friends and relatives can be really challenging. Therefore, due to their lifestyle and a desire to improve race times and do everything to get stronger, еhey might really appreciate a gift that encourages a little self-care in between workouts. So, here are the best 40 presents for every athlete for Christmas, birthday or any other holiday. Let’s get started!

1. GPS watch

What can be better than tracking your performance improvements? GPS watches have all the sport-specific features to track everything. But that’s not all!  They also have other sensors and technology to keep you connected the rest of the day, too. So, we think it is a perfect gift even for female athletes 🙂

2. Meal kit subscription

It is an excellent gift for friends and family. For sure, finding the time to plan a menu and shop at the grocery store is tough to fit in. Especially if you are a sports lover. But with meal kits, meal-prepping is done.

3. Heating Pad

Starting a new workout program can be challenging. Treat sore muscles after an intense workout with the heating pad. It can be good for both relieving body pain and getting better sleep. Dry and moist heat therapy depends on where the pain is. It is the easiest and faster way to get rid of pain and tension, just relax and calm down after a workout.

4. Massage

Is there anyone on this planet who doesn’t love a good massage? If your athletic friend or partner has aches or pains or an injury, a massage offers relief and relaxation.  It is a perfect chance to relax and have some time for self-care.

5. Sports-related magazine subscription

Isn’t this an awesome idea? A year-long subscription to a magazine allows your loved one to read all the latest information about the sport he or she loves. It’s an easy and fun way to get them excited or motivated and it won’t make much of a dent to your wallet.

6. Yoga studio class

There are few things more decadent than taking an hour to stretch and restore. But yoga is tough to commit to doing on your living room floor. Buying someone a punch pass to a yoga studio is a great way to help your loved one commit to taking care of themselves.

7. Grocery store gift card

There is one thing all fitness enthusiasts have in common. Try to guess. Food! Every athlete loves to eat and does it often. Food is the most significant expense. A grocery store gift card will be as sweet a gesture as putting a hot meal in front of them yourself, but without the extra work.

8. Perfect push-up fitness elite

This device is a great idea for their chest workout. The push-up elite allows the full range of motion while reducing damaging pressure to the wrists. It’s a perfect gift for every athlete.

9. Headphones

Just about everyone loves to listen to their favorite music at the gym. But it can be difficult with simple headphones. Choose headphones especially made for fitness to make the athlete you love extremely happy!

10. Blender bottle

Protein powders, nutrition supplements, and drinks for athletes need to be mixed well. But did you know that it is not so easy mixing them in a regular glass? The Blender Bottle will break up those powdery chunks and ensure the drink is blended properly and ready to consume after a few shakes. An easy and inexpensive accessory, it makes the ideal stocking stuffer for fitness lovers.

11. Sportswear

Stylish and comfortable sportswear can be hard to find. Make sure to choose a soft fabric, which makes your loved one comfortable and warm.

12. Foam roller

The pros know that even just 10 minutes a day of foam rolling can help ease sore muscles and stretch out muscle fibers. When you think of recovery and the tools you need to ease any tension, the hollow core means it’s lightweight enough to throw in a gym bag, but still provides enough pressure to help you really dig into those IT bands.

13. Endeavor athletic 9-inch shorts

It’s a useful gift for sure. Stretchy gym shorts can work for runs, indoor cycling, and even yoga. The plus is deep side pockets where everyone can store a phone, keys or other items. These shorts are made especially for active people.

14. Sports optic sunglasses

Nowadays there is a huge selection of sunglasses specifically designed for sports. They have non-slip rubber coatings so that they stay in place during activity. It’s a fashion statement with athletic function.

15. Dry bath body brush

A perfect gift for women. This brush removes dead skin, promotes lymphatic and blood circulation, improves skin’s quality and leaves it softer and smoother.  It works great as a bath brush, back scrubber, and cellulite massager.

16. Training Shoes

Finding a perfect pair of sneakers can be really tough. Help someone you love to find the right shoe for any activity. Yoga, fitness, jogging or other sport. Everyone needs great training shoes.

17. TRX home gym training kit

This gift is perfect for strength, stability, core power, flexibility, and balance. If someone you love wants to exercise at home, the trx training kit is everything he\she needs. It is an essential component of conditioning programs worldwide.

18. Thermal underwear

Spandex, silky soft, featherlight and non-pilling thermal underwear is exactly what every athlete needs. Ultra-breathable and wicking fabric moves sweat away from the skin. It feels smooth against the skin. Great to wear at home or add an extra layer of warmth under clothes, perfect for indoor/outdoor winter activities.

19. Bike helmet

This is an essential item for every athlete who is fond of bike riding. Designed with the detachable rear light, these helmets increase visibility and improve safety. Good for urban commuting, and riding on the trails. Keep your loved one safe.

20. Sports bra

Exercising without proper support can cause serious problems and contribute to pain and discomfort. A good sports bra solves these issues and promotes circulation and comfort during exercise and sports.

21. Sport bag

The large capacity of a sports bag is perfect to hold all their gym or travel items, ideal for a garment bag, sports, gym use, yoga, travel, weekend shopping, overnight, camping and picnics. It is also a great gift for your friends and family.

22. Yoga mat

Exercises at home are more comfortable with an extra-thick yoga mat. It is ideal for home or studio workouts. The high-quality mat is not only a useful and stylish present but it also provides a beneficial layer of cushioning between your loved one and the floor.

23. Jumping rope

You can easily help your loved one or a friend increase their cardio workouts with a great and functional jumping rope. Choose the rope with an ergonomic design, soft foam handles with an easy grip and the anti-tangle mechanism. All these features will help to reduce strain and tension on wrists and hands. Your loved one will enjoy burning those calories without the added risk of any kind of strain to the upper body.

24. Bike lock

It is the #1 gift for every bike lover. These locks will help to secure the bike and prevent theft. Choose the one with a double bolt mechanism. It secures both sides to the crossbar for high resistance to pulling, jacking and prying.

25. Kettlebells

A great gift idea for every athlete. No matter if your loved one or friend goes to the gym or prefers home workouts. It is essential for everyone who loves exercising. Useful for a variety of upper and lower-body exercises. The benefits of kettlebell exercises range from building muscles, enhancing core strength, and improving balance to promoting better bone health, burning calories, boosting energy levels, enhancing mood, and more.

26. Yoga blocks

Such device provides the stability and balance needed in yoga practice to help with optimal alignment, deeper poses, and increased strength. Your gift will be useful to help ensure the proper alignment needed to safely support and modify poses to suit your favorite athlete’s level of flexibility.

27. Ice therapy wrap

Injuries can happen to everyone. But there is the ultimate solution for those who need to ice down some inflammation after a hard workout session. Such an ice wrap can be used to help with inflammation on the leg, shoulder, thigh, and back.  It is easy to use and maintain.

28. Yoga meditation pillow

Great for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. This pillow is perfect for yoga poses, meditation, relaxing in your home, or even sleep. A soft grab-and-go handle helps make it easy to carry it to yoga studios, gyms, fitness centers, parks, different rooms, and more.

29. Exercise bands

A great and cheap gift that will be extremely useful for athletes. Resistance band sets can be used in every popular workout program such as yoga, Pilates or general exercise and stretching.

30. 12-piece high-speed blender

This is the fastest, easiest solution for making nutrient-packed smoothies. Now your loved one can mix their favorite whole foods like nuts, berries, and spinach. It’s the right way to a healthier lifestyle.

31. Meal prep containers

Choose BPA-free and CFC safe containers that can be used in a microwave. They are a great idea for meal prep bags and packing portion-controlled meals on the go. Every athlete will be happy to receive this gift!

32. Muscle recovery bath soak

What is better than a warm bath after a great workout? Nothing! The awesome bath soak combines powerful ingredients that are quickly absorbed through the skin. It will help them feel better naturally and speed up the muscle recovery process.

33. Bluetooth speaker

Every outdoor workout needs a great soundtrack. This cool device can work even underwater! Super-portable, stylish, and convenient, the music will always be on point. Help your friend or loved one add some fun to their workouts.

34. Personalized map/print for any race

Celebrate someone’s major milestone with a framed print of their marathon (or half marathon!) and time. This is a beautiful way to combine a sentimental gift with a piece of home decor they will enjoy displaying year-round.

35. Bath bomb

Show me an athlete and I’ll show you a bath-lover. 100%! Hot baths are the best way to soothe tired muscles and relax the body. Your gift of bath bombs will be a great combination of treatment and relaxation.

36. Wellness tea

The new wellness tea contains a selection of tea blends to harmonize the mind and body. Perfect for unwinding after an intense session. Such teas include a caffeinated and lemongrass-scented detox, a black tea-based with cardamom, a green tea-based and BB Detox with a blend of green tea and rooibos.

37. Hypersphere vibration therapy ball

It is not a surprise that every athlete has experienced some sort of sports-related injury at some point in life. This vibration therapy ball will help them get back into shape as quickly as possible.

38. Goals journal

An easy daily template for journaling will help define what the person wants, figure out how to get it and enjoy life along the way. Your loved one can answer simple questions every day to define goals, practice gratitude, and find work/life balance. Great gift idea.

39. Compression socks

A durable compression sock is designed to last, without compromising quality and comfort. Great for those who want to get relief from varicose veins, calf compression or other leg swelling issues.

40. Magazine subscription

Every athlete loves to read about their hobby or the latest news, just present them with a year subscription for the favorite magazine or newspaper. Your sport lover  will be extremely happy with this gift

Gifts for athletic guys

If you’ve got an athlete on your list this holiday season, skip the basketballs or tennis racquet and get them something they won’t expect – but will actually put to use. Now with our gift guide, you can easily buy a great and super useful present for your athlete.

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