Maximizing Your Cleaning Efficiency with the Geniani Spin Scrubber

The Geniani electric spin scrubber delivers a modern solution to an age-old recurring issue, cleaning dirt and grime throughout your home.  Even for those of you clean-freaks who enjoy a thorough deep cleaning on the weekends to refresh your house or clear your mind, I think we can all agree that the extra elbow grease required to properly scrub tight corners and forgotten spills can become quite the hassle as well as very much time and energy consuming. 

Rather than continuing this backbreaking labor the traditional way, on your hands and knees using all the force you can muster, the Geniani electric scrubber does all the grunt work for you in a fraction of the time so you can focus on other tasks or simply get back to relaxing.  Cleaning doesn’t have to be a drag.  Quickly and efficiently get the job done with a light pass of the spinning brush and your surfaces will be sparkling clean!

Why Choose the Geniani Electric Spin Scrubber? 

  • Clean Any Space Quickly and Efficiently:  Our scrubber will change your entire cleaning routine cutting down on time spent scrubbing.  Rather than working tirelessly on caked-on stains or tile grout, the scrubber will effectively and effortlessly do the deep cleaning for you.  No force is required!  
  • Effectively Clean Harder to Reach Areas:  Never reach for the stepladder, strain yourself trying to reach the top of the shower tiles, or get down on your knees to scrub floors ever again!  The Geniani shower scrubber features an adjustable arm that can be changed to either 25, 40, or 45 inches, eliminating struggle.  Make cleaning quick and easy!
  • Say Goodbye to Manual Scrubbing:  No one enjoys having to scrub tile grout or work tediously to get that perfect white sparkle in the bathtub.  Instead of overexerting yourself trying to work out grime or difficult stains, simply choose from two powerful cleaning speeds, either 280 RPM or 380 RPM and the rotating brush will have your surfaces sparkling clean.  You can finally give your sore muscles a break!
  • A Cost Effective, Multipurpose Cleaning Tool:  Being a versatile tool with multiple brush heads to address different surface areas, the electric scrubbing cleaner is an all in one solution, eliminating the need to purchase other cleaning items.  Being rechargeable and reusable, you’re greatly cutting down on the need to replace disposable items.  Being a powerful and effective cleaner, you also don’t have to worry about overuse of cleaning chemicals, as a little will go a long way!

How to Use Your Spin Scrubber

Prep and Setup:

Charge Your Scrub Cleaner:  Before using your electric spin scrubber, you’ll want to make sure it’s fully charged so you get the most use of it.  Open the silicone charging port cover and insert the charging adapter.  Plug the adapter into an available electrical outlet.  It will typically take about 3.5 hours for a full charge, which will be indicated by a green light.  Please close the charging port cover on the spin scrubber unit to avoid any short circuiting when being used around water. 

You can choose to use our conveniently included hanging hook to create a charging station for your scrubbing brush when not in use or when you need a quick power up.  

For Use Without Extendable Handle:  If you’d like to use the electric spin scrubber in its handheld form for countertops or other reachable surfaces, simply connect the primary handle to the scrubber head until you feel a firm click.  Select your desired brush head and press it onto the scrubber head until secured in place.

For Use With Extendable Handle:  To use the spin scrubber with the extendable handle for out of reach areas, connect the primary handle to the extendable handle until you hear a firm click.  Next, connect the scrubber head to the extendable handle until you hear a firm click.  Select your desired brush head and press it onto the scrubber head until secured in place.    

Selecting the Right Brush Head for the Cleaning Task at Hand  

The Geniani Electric Spin Scrubber comes with a set of three brush heads to offer a cleaning solution for any surface.

Dome Brush: This brush was specifically designed to work most effectively on curved surfaces like your shower, bathtub, sink, or toilets.

Flat Brush: The largest and most versatile brush included in the set, the flat brush is best used on larger flat surfaces like your floors, tiles, walls, countertops, pool, and more!

Corner Brush: For those tough to reach crevices, this brush is sure to do the trick!  Efficiently clean tile grout, edges, and other small nooks and crannies.

How the Electric Spin Scrubber Works

The Geniani Spin Scrubber is super user friendly!  Anyone can use this amazing, time saving cleaning essential with just the press of a button!  Once you’ve chosen your preferred length (if using the extendable arm feature) and placed your chosen cleaning brush head into place, all you need to do is select from either 280 RPM or 380 RPM using the power button.  The scrubber can be used with any of your favorite cleaning solutions.  

Please don’t completely submerge the unit into water or other liquids, but feel free to dip the brush heads into your preferred cleaning products to effectively scrub away dirt and grime so your home can always look its absolute pristine best!  The spin scrubber can function for up to 90 consecutive minutes of powerful cleaning on a single charge for your ultimate convenience!

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Electric Spin Scrubber

The electric scrub brush requires very little maintenance, so cleaning and storing is a breeze.  Begin by disassembling the brush head (if one is attached) and immerse it into water to clean bristles.  You can do this with each brush and feel free to also add some mild detergent to the water for a deeper clean.  For the handle, simply wipe clean using a dampened cloth.  Please do not use alcohol based or other abrasive cleaners to ensure your scrubber brush remains in the best condition.  Separate all parts and allow them to dry.  Please be careful NOT to submerge the entire spin scrubbing unit into water or clean it under running water. 

Here Are A Few Safety Tips When Using the Electric Scrubber

  1. Please make sure to always store your scrubber, an electrical appliance, out of reach of children or pets.
  2. If there is any damage to the charging cable, please do not attempt to repair this yourself. Instead, please contact our customer support team for assistance.
  3. Keep the battery away from water and other liquids to avoid any risk of electric shock. If the battery is found to be wet at any time, or there appears to be any visible sign of corrosion, please do NOT attempt to charge the scrubber.
  4. Please do not use force when cleaning with your brush. This will automatically trigger an automatic safety stop to prevent damage to the scrubber and surface being cleaned.
  5. Please keep the battery away from heat and open flames to prevent risk of explosion.
  6. Do not charge other products using the charging adapter included with this item and do not use other chargers with this device.
  7. Do not use the device in high temperature environments.
  8. Please never hesitate to contact our customer support team with any questions you may have. Use your scrubber safely!

The Geniani Electric Spin Scrubber is an extremely versatile home cleaning tool that will instantly become user favorites.  Implementing a scrubber into your cleaning routine will save you time, energy, and even money.  You’re bound to fall in love with how easy it is to use and how simple it makes scrubbing floors, cleaning grout or grime, and so much more. 

With everything you need to get started in one convenient package, it’s time you give the Geniani way of cleaning a try.  You’ll never want to go back to manual cleaning again!


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