Geniani Humidifier Cleaning: Helpful Tips & Tricks for Your Everyday Needs

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Having a hard time with your humidifier & Want to troubleshoot it? Check out Geniani’s Humidifier Cleaning Care Guide!

Humidifiers are no fun when they don’t operate the way they were intended to. However, like all electrical appliances a deep clean is necessary from time-to-time. Since it’s most heavily used during the winter season, cleaning your Geniani humidifier is important to prevent build up of mold and microbes over time.

Leaving the humidifier feeling burned out like this by the end of the season will deplete its abilities and air quality. That’s why it’s important to clean it regularly according to your Geniani Humidifier Cleaning care guide instructions.

To ensure your humidifier isn’t releasing bacteria along with mist or essential oils, check out these humidifier cleaning hacks below:

What you’ll need:
Small brush, like a tooh brush
Distiled white vinegar
Small and soft cleaning cloth

How to clean your Geniani Huron Humidifier

  1. Disconnect your humidifier from the wall outlet and move it to a place where you have running water available, such as your bathroom or kitchen, to start the cleaning processes.

  2. Make sure there is no dust build up covering the top, preventing clean air from coming through, if so wipe it down. This small tip can go a long way sometimes.

  3. View your humidifier care instruction guide on how to clean your water tank and any additional pieces inside that may need a rinse or wash.

  4. It’s also recommended that you add 5-10 drops of cleaning solution or vinegar into the tank and let it soak for about 5-10 minutes regularly. Doing so can rid your Humidifier of any and all germs that might have built up.

  5. Sometimes it’s good to get in there with a small brush (toothbrush for example) and gently clean out the water tank and rid it of any possible gunk.

  6. Cleaning the channel according to the Huron humidifier cleaning instructions is also advised. Especially if you’ve noticed signs of water deposits, it’s best to wipe the channel with a soft damp cloth and a little vinegar

Since Geniani’s Huron Humidifier is a dual operating humidifier and essential oil diffuser, understanding how to use the essential oils tray is important. It’s crucial to clean the fragrance box and atomizer from time-to-time.

Ideally, rinsing and changing out the fragrance sponge often, is advised if you’re constantly switching out the oil sent. Follow these simple steps to get you on your way to a more ambient atmosphere:

  1. To clean the fragrance box, remove the fragrance sponge and rinse the box with water and set to dry.
  2. It’s important to replace the old sponge in the process.

For the Huron Humidifier Atomizer:

  1. First, inject 10ml of acetum onto the surface of the atomizer (add or reduce depending on your humidifier care instructions) and immerse the atomizer for about 2-5 minutes. 
  2. Now gently scrub the surface of the atomizer with the cleaning brush till the scale is removed. Then wash the surface by rinsing with water.

Voila - it’s that simple! Follow these humidifier easy care steps while you use Geniani’s Huron Humidifier to guarantee optimal clean, fresh air at all times. Also be advised, if anyone in your household has respiratory issues more regular cleaning is advised.

erie portable humidifier cleaning

Erie Humidifier Cleaning Process

The same follows for Geniani’s Portable Erie Humidifier. It is important to keep your humidifier dust free to ensure optimal mist levels. If you notice a decrease in mist levels be sure to follow these cleaning tips in a bathroom or at your kitchen sink. 

  1. Use a soft cloth to clean the humidifier on the outside (be sure to avoid petrol or other organic solvents). 
  2. Be sure to never submerge the humidifier in water or it might not work properly there after again.

How to clean your humidifier before & after storage?

For both the Erie & Huron Humidifiers it is important to unplug your humidifier, drain all the water, wipe it down, and replace any fragrance sponge if necessary for next time before stowing away. Then when you take it back out for use again, be sure to wipe it down of any dust that might have accumulated, plug it into the wall and fill the tank to begin. 

how to fill geniani humidifier

How to fill your Geniani Humidifier

Depending on your model (Huron or Erie) filling your humidifier may be different. Thanks to Hurons unique top fill feature, filling your Huron is a breeze. Simply take off the top lid and pour water into your tank (4L). It’s built-in water gauge will tell you when you are drawing near to a needed refill thanks to its smart mode and unique 18 hr runtime.

For the portable Erie humidifier, filling its 250ml water tank is no difficulty and made easy for on the go travel. Simply, remove the top cover and fill in with water and then secure it back on.

take apart geniani humidifier

How to take apart your Geniani Humidifier

If you ever need to take apart your humidifier for any reason, whether to clean it or replace a part, besure to adhere to the care guide instructions and owner's manual on how to properly disassemble and assemble back together your humidifier.

Troubleshooting your Geniani Huron Humidifier or Portable Erie Humidifier

Troubleshooting can be one of the easiest ways to detect what’s wrong with your humidifier or diffuser so you can continue enjoying the one you have and not worry about buying another one. Some common troubleshooting tips that could help you are found below.

Why is my Geniani Humidifier Leaking?

This is most common in portable humidifiers and can often be a sign that your water tank is not securely fastened. Be sure to check that you have correctly secured your tank in place. 

In bigger home models such as the Huron, this is often a sign that something might be blocking your humidifier from releasing air, causing condensation and sweating of your humidifier, which can appear as leaking. It’s always advised to set your Huron Humidifier on a stand, table, or desk with nothing hanging over that might possibly obstruct its ability to provide fresh air.

Depending on you model and geniani humidifier instruction care guide, you can try  troubleshooting by:

  • Examining the water pressure or possibly resorting to connecting to the main water supply in your home;
  • You could also check the drainage pipe to make sure there is no blockage;
  • Check to see if the evaporating pad needs to be cleaned, based on your humidifier’s care guide;
  • Lastly, check to make sure nothing is obstructing the solenoid valve. 

    What do I do if my Geniani Humidifier stops working?

    There are a few possibilities as to why your humidifier may be lagging or not working all together:

    • It’s run out and you need to add water;
    • It’s not plugged in and needs power;
    • Something is obstructing its release of mist, causing it to sense over humidity and condensate, leading it to stop working inorder to prevent further leakage;
    • Something may be blocking the spray outlet such as debri or dust buildup.

    What does an orange light mean?

    An orange light means low humidity output level.

    What does a red light mean?

    A red light indicates that the humidifier is in standby mode. It’s also advised that you check if the surface is flat and solid.

    If you experience a red light blinking 3 times when it starts, this signifies that the filter needs to be changed.

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