Is it dangerous to sleep with a heating pad

If you need to get rid of muscle tension, cramps, back pain or other pain a heating pad is the best solution. The heat feels good on sore muscles and helps to achieve relaxation faster. As a result, a lot of people say that they are a useful addition to their life. However, some people believe a heating pad is a good option to sleep with at night. But is it safe to sleep with a heating pad in bed? That is the question so many pain sufferers want to know. What is the truth? Geniani has researched the topic for you to find out the truth.

Dangers of Sleeping with a Heating Pad


No, it is not “safe” to sleep with a heating pad in your bed. This is a bad idea for sure. Moreover, some medical professionals state it is unnecessary. If you want to sleep in a warmer bed, take a look at alternatives. They are easier on the body and are not harmful at all. Sure, all good quality heating pads have an automatic shut off feature. This option can be within 20 minutes up to 4 hours. This is a safety feature for both you and the device itself. But, if you still think that you can sleep with a heating pad because “I have done it before and everything was fine”, keep reading.

It Can Burn Your Skin

This is the main reason why you shouldn’t do this! Sleeping with a heating device in your bed can lead to burns. Everyone agrees that the heating pad feels good for a few minutes. But, if you leave it in the same spot for a while, your skin will feel the heat. Eventually, it is going to burn. You can burn your skin due to overexposure to one area of the body. So, avoid sleeping with the heating pad in your bed.

The Heating Pad Could Cause Inflammation

The other reason when you should not keep your heating pad in the same spot is inflammation. It is a major point of concern. You do not want to let inflammation become a problem. You will not be healing the aching muscle with overexposure to heat. In fact, it will get worse. That’s why experts say those heat sessions should not last too long.

Leaving Heating Pads on Can Cause a Fire

Yes, this is possible! There are over 2,000 reported incidents in the United States per year with regards to house fires. This is why it is important to be aware of the dangers. Heating pads could get damaged or worn out and spark a fire. If there is even a hint of a possibility, it becomes a no-brainer to avoid putting yourself at risk. Causing a fire by choosing to sleep with a heating pad makes it an awful idea!  

Can Cause Further Injury to Muscles

The heating pad can put a strain on your body over an extended period. If you roll onto the cord or the digital remote, you may get hurt. So, remember: laying on the digital remote control or even on the heating pad itself over a prolonged period can cause it to break.

Heating Pad Safety

As amazing as heating pads might be for quick pain relief, there are countless other treatments for muscle aches and pains.

A Towel with Warm Water

Warmth can soothe your discomfort. Therefore, instead of using a heating pad, try dampening a towel with warm water and using it as a compress.

Hot Shower

Standing under a warm shower. Or, we have a better idea. Fill the bathtub and soak in hot water a little bit longer than usual. It will not only soothe aching muscles, but it can also promote relaxation, calm you down and boost your mood.

A Full Body Heating Pad

A full body heating pad is designed to give you a full heat therapy session for multiple hours. But don’t ever lay down on a heating pad while you sleep. Remember, these are electrical devices, so let’s dig into some other options.

Topical Balms and Essential Oils

Essential oils work wonders for inflammation. The best oils for such purposes are geranium, peppermint, and cinnamon. Apply these diluted oils to the bottoms of your feet. Why? If you massage them into your feet, essential oils are absorbed more quickly than they are through your palms or temples. You’ll feel their effects much faster.

Can You Sleep with a Heating Pad On

These are the reasons why it is highly recommended that you avoid going to sleep with a heating pad overnight. It should be kept on the problem area for a set period of time and should not be used when you are sleeping.

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