10 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

If you have ever googled “how to relax”, or “ways to improve your sleep”, you might have seen some advice to buy an essential oil aroma diffuser. In fact, this little helpful device can do even more than just help you relax and improve the quality of your sleep.

Sounds interesting?

So let’s go through 10 reasons why you should consider buying an aroma diffuser.

Reason 1. Good night’s sleep and relaxation

The most important reason to buy an aroma diffuser is that it helps you let go of a difficult day and start sleeping well. Once you breathe in aroma therapy oils, real magic starts. Your blood pressure goes down, heartbeat goes back to normal, and the whole body relaxes. It is awesome to have an aroma diffuser installed on your office desk, so you can relax during lunch, and one on your bedside table to get a better sleep.
One might say that turning on a diffuser before sleep is not smart because then you have to wake up at night to turn it off. However, there are models that have automatic shut down so you don’t have to worry.

The best oils to improve relaxation and sleep are lavender, clary sage, and chamomile.


Reason 2. Improve your mood

Thanks to its relaxing abilities, a diffuser is helpful in fighting depression or deep frustration. However, it has also been found that aroma therapy diffusers can elevate your mood even if you are already happy. For example, do you want to create the most romantic atmosphere  possible for an unforgettable date?
Add a little bit more solemnity to a family reunion? By far, the best help with that is an aroma diffuser.

The best oils for elevating mood are rose, scotch pine, sandalwood, vanilla, and sweet orange.

Reason 3. Curing illnesses

You’ve got an important meeting coming up and you are scared of getting the flu, a cold, or other nasty illnesses? Buying an aroma diffuser is the perfect way to avoid these problems.
Firstly, aroma therapy oils boost your immune system. They are also antimicrobial and can fight pathogens in the air. In fact, when you turn a diffuser on, you also disinfect the air, which makes it 100 times more pleasant.
And last, but not least, most diffusers also work as humidifiers, creating not just a good and relaxing smell, but also a lot of fresh, clean air that helps you breathe.

The best oils for disinfection are rosemary, thyme, lemon, and grapefruit.

Reason 4. A diffuser helps you breathe

As mentioned before, a lot of diffusers are also humidifiers. They create fresh air that facilitates your breathing. Besides, aroma therapy oils can also fight congestion and inflammation in airways. So if after turning on a diffuser you all of a sudden start to breathe more easily – don’t be surprised. It means the
diffuser is doing its job.
If you happen to suffer from allergies, install the diffuser in the room where you spend most of your day. During the aromatherapy session, it is best to keep tissues nearby because once your nose and sinuses start to open; you might feel like you need one or two.

The best oils to facilitate breathing are eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon.

Reason 5. Fades pain

You have been told by doctors and common sense, that it’s a bad idea to pour aroma therapy oils directly on your skin to get rid of pain. However, these oils do have abilities to reduce pain. So how can you use them?

An aroma diffuser is an excellent way to experience the effects of aroma therapy oils. It is recommended by doctors as a remedy for head ache pain, muscle pain after training, and sore joints.

The best oils for healing pain are rosemary, lavender, clary sage, chamomile, and eucalyptus.

Reason 6. A diffuser makes your brain work faster

Aroma therapy oils can charge your brain cells with energy, so they will work faster and more effectively. As oils help you to fight stress by relaxing your body, they can also give you a magic energy push if you are feeling sluggish. By elevating your mood and body, aroma diffusers can help you focus and concentrate when it’s needed (that’s why we recommended placing it on the office desk).
If you are suffering from hormonal problems and they affect your concentration, an aroma diffuser balances body hormones, so your cognitive function works as it’s supposed to.

The best oils for waking up your brain are pine, lemon, and eucalyptus.

Reason 7. A safe replace for candles

Do you have kids or pets but still miss the effect scented candles used to give? An aroma diffuser is a way to bring it back! You will experience the same relaxation during aromatherapy sessions and there is even a nightlight feature (much safer than candles). You don’t have to worry about burns or the risk of accidental fires.

Reason 8. Repel Bugs

Who likes house flies, moths, and mosquitos? No one. And it is even harder to tolerate them when they are all over your living-room and bedroom.
With an aroma diffuser this problem will no longer bother you! Some oils are poisonous for bugs and repel them.

The best oils for kicking bugs out are rosemary, cedar wood, clove, and lemongrass.

Reason 9. Makes you feel cool all the time

Just to be clear, by buying a diffuser you might make a good impression in the eyes of your friends, but it’s not the kind of “cool” that we mean.
In summer it can be so hot that it’s impossible to work, study, sleep, or exist in any way. With a diffuser nearby, you increase cold air in the room, so the temperature is just right. Besides, unlike many air conditioners, aroma diffusers don’t need a lot of electricity, so you won’t end up with a giant bill.


Reason 10. Saves you money

As an old saying goes, in the end everything is about the money. And it’s the final reason for you to buy a diffuser, saving money is it!
Just think about how much you will save on doctor visits, cups of coffee, and electric bills. And what you gain is a good mood, better productivity, and a good-looking home accessory. Isn’t that worth it?

Few words about ultrasonic diffusers

As you noticed, the headline says “10 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Ultrasonic Diffuser”. So, what is so special about an ultrasonic diffusers?
They are super-quiet. That’s because they work on ultrasonic vibrations which create a frequency a human ear can’t detect. So you won’t be annoyed by any side noises during aromatherapy.

Where to buy an ultrasonic diffuser

On Amazon, there is a gigantic choice of diffusers. Personally I use a Geniani Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser. I like the design and it’s pretty easy-to- care for.
My kids like its nightlight and I do too.
But you might also do your own research and choose whatever model that fits your lifestyle.

Have fun and relax!