Magical New Year’s atmosphere and decor: glitter, ballons and party hats

Photo for Memories

Add your creativity to create the perfect atmosphere. Traditional snowmen, Christmas tree, or fireplace with stockings over it, and wrapped gifts will be very attractive. This atmosphere will leave warm memories in the hearts of your guests, children and all members of the family! Isn’t that the most important thing?


This is a very simple and effective way to lift the spirits for everyone. Give your guests the impression that your home is like a fairy tale, full of surprises and goodness. Such New Year’s  tunes are the memories of childhood, when even the biggest children woke up in the morning and raced to the holiday tree to find a treasured gift.


Everyone who has smelled cookies or pie baking in the oven knows that scents have a strong influence on us. About 70% of human emotions are based on smells.   Just make some cookies and buy essential oil with a holiday blend and voila! The Christmas mood is here!

New Year’s Decor

This Eve is perhaps the most glamorous holiday of the year. Of course, every holiday has a special and unique atmosphere and mood, but there is something so fancy and sophisticated about New Year’s. Maybe it’s because you just know there should be champagne, noise makers, and glitter.  More and more glitter.   Whether you’re planning a quiet celebration with family, or a party with a million guest, you definitely need great decorations (with at least a little bit of glitter).  So, where to start off? We put together four of the most creative and fancy DIY for New Year’s Party Decorations.

Balloon Wall

The easiest, but such a cool idea for those who want to decorate a wall in a really creative way and has 5 minutes to do just that!   Just tape up gold and silver (or choose your favorite colors) balloons as a backdrop.

Painted Champagne Glasses

Glitter! I need more glitter! It is an awesome idea, looks really fancy and so beautiful!   Even those who don’t drink at all, will sip their Coke or juice from these glasses! Such glittery glasses are super easy to make, all you need is Martha Stewart glitter paint and glasses 🙂   P.S. You can make sparkle bottles too!

Party Hats

Ha ha… Such hats would be actually quite nice! Just print out the FREE TEMPLATE onto cardstock and cut them out. There are about a billion cute papers out there and the possibilities are endless! Once you’ve folded your hat, add a little tape to secure it on the inside. Decorate your hat and add string by taping it on the inside of the hat on both sides. Great job!

Ball Drop Cupcake Topper

You can find these foam balls on the market, but… isn’t it cooler to make them by yourself?    Just take small foam floral craft balls and cover them with glue and glitter, sequins, or metallic paint!

We hope now you are in a holiday mood!Happy Holidays, Santa is coming 🙂


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