How to survive this cold and flu season during pregnancy? Humidifier use during pregnancy

There’s nothing as exciting as walking around, not yet looking pregnant but knowing that you’ve got a little person growing inside of you. Pregnancy is really an amazing and magical time in a woman’s life. You can make people smile, improve your health, become more patient and elegant.Pregnancy shouldn’t be hidden or ignored. It should be celebrated! Don’t you agree? Here are the five best reasons why pregnancy is amazing and should be celebrated!

5 Reasons Why Pregnancy is Amazing

  1. You are creating a new life-first and foremost!
  2. Some bonuses. During pregnancy, you may notice lush hair, nails, and larger breasts. Why not enjoy it and celebrate a little bit?
  3. Feeling your baby move is pretty awesome! Just sit and watch the baby move because that’s a new life, and that’s beautiful!
  4. Doing some workouts to feel good, not for a perfect figure! Celebrate your pregnant body! No worries about extra weight!
  5. Strength — Let’s be honest, pregnancy is sometimes not as easy as we want! But women are strong enough to endure them!

For sure your doctor gives you tips for healthy eating and regular exercise that will benefit both you and your baby. But what can you do when you catch a cold?

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How to Survive This Cold and Flu Season During Pregnancy

Cold and flu season can be really awful, especially when you’re pregnant. Of course, since you can’t use a lot of medications, it’s harder to find comfort and relief from several cold symptoms. But wait… how can you prevent a cold and the flu when you’re pregnant? Is it possible? Our answer is yes!  If you have the flu, you can treat yourself effectively at home. If this is the case, you should rest, keep warm, and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

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Wash your Hands Regularly

Are you around someone who has a cold and can’t stop coughing? Take extra effort to wash your hands! Moreover, avoid touching their hands or eating after them.

Eat Chicken Soup

A bowl of chicken soup can help mommy-to-be get well in a few days. Rich in nutrients. Full of vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties. This soup provides hydration! It can ease the symptoms of cold and flu very effectively. Here’s a small tip for mommy-to-be: include cayenne powder, garlic, ginger, onion, thyme, and mushrooms in your soup. All of these ingredients are good cold and flu fighters!

Keep an Eye On the Humidity Levels in Your Home

It is very important, especially during the autumn and winter months! In the winter, humidity levels can drop as low as 10%. Did you know that it is drier than the Sahara Desert? A humidity monitor can help you maintain an indoor humidity level between 40-60%. That will help reduce the survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air. Which in turn, helps prevent you from getting sick!

Buy a Humidifier

Do you use a humidifier while pregnant? No? The biggest thing that helps when you’re pregnant and have a cough is using a humidifier. It helps raise the humidity levels in your home (or maintain them), and to provide temporary relief from coughing. Moreover, fall and winter weather with their cold temperatures and low humidity can dry out our skin! Plus, dry heat from heaters! But keep calm, because we have a good solution! Use a humidifier in your bedroom at night. Also, in other rooms where you spend a lot of time. You should add as much moisture to your skin as possible.

Fact: Humidifiers are safe during pregnancy.

Are Humidifiers Safe for Baby

Use a  humidifier during pregnancy and be sure that your health is in safe.  Humidifiers are a must have for babies, especially during the cold winter months.  Babies have sensitive skin, therefore it can get dry and chapped easily, moreover dry air can cause irritation in the lungs and nose. You can also use a humidifier to keep the dryness in check. According to several research studies, there is one type of humidifier that you can use safely and easily in your home with your newborn, and that is the ultrasonic style humidifier. This style of a humidifier minimizes the risks because of their ultrasonic cool mist functionality. You don’t have to worry about baby’s sensitive skin being exposed to hot steam, and there are no risks of burns.

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Best Humidifier for Pregnant Women

What kind of humidifier is best for pregnancy? Cool mist and warm mist are the types of humidifiers available. It is extremely important to know the differences between warm mist humidifiers and cool mist humidifiers. It helps you to choose the best one for your needs.

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  1.  Warm mist humidifiers. A heating element heats up the water inside the humidifier, thereby releasing a warm mist. If your water is hard you might prefer one with a mineral absorption pad. Warm mist humidifiers are not as well-suited for large areas as cool mist models. On the other hand, these humidifiers work best in smaller areas like bedrooms and offices.
  2.  Cool mist humidifiers provide a comfortable flow of room-temperature mist throughout your environment. Many parents choose cool mist humidifiers to avoid hot water accidents in children’s nurseries, bedrooms, or other common areas. It is safer for children.

There are 2 types of such humidifiers:

  • Evaporative. The fan blows dry air through an evaporative wick filter – the water in the filter evaporates and is distributed into the air. Frequent replacement of the wick filter is necessary. Moreover, fans can be noisy as well.
  • Ultrasonic. Compared with evaporative, the mist is created by a small metal diaphragm which vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies, creating a fine mist. When it comes to choosing the best humidifier, some expert reviewers place ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers at the top of their lists because they are safe for babies, quiet, and easy to use!

Humidifier and Pregnancy

Pregnant women and fetuses are known to be vulnerable to harmful environmental exposure. A humidifier in the bedroom is the secret to a decent night’s sleep when you’re pregnant with a cold or flu.  Hope this information helps you if you have the flu and don’t know how treat yourself effectively at home. Take care of yourself and use a humidifier during pregnancy 🙂


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