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Geniani XL Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy -12 x 24″ (Black)

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Geniani Extra Large Heating Pad (Black) helps to get rid of all types of back, shoulder or neck pain faster than other heating pads available. You can do your daily heat therapy right in bed or on a comfortable chair with its long 10 ft cord. Its X large size can cover small muscle groups. It is easier to start a healthy life with Geniani today. Buy online to get this awesome X large heating pad for a good price now.

  • Extra large heating pad
  • Fast heating
  • Several heating options
  • 5 year warranty

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  •  Tired of back pain?
  •  Need to get rid of neck and shoulders pain quickly and effectively?
  •  Reduce cramps and muscle tension?

 Pain is no longer a problem with a heating pad from Geniani.

More powerful.
icon 285 1 - Geniani XL Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy -12 x 24″ (Black)
More comfortable.
icon 285 2 - Geniani XL Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy -12 x 24″ (Black)
More effective.
icon 285 3 - Geniani XL Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy -12 x 24″ (Black)
Heat faster than ever.
icon 285 4 - Geniani XL Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy -12 x 24″ (Black)

A Geniani heating pad helps you to cope with soreness or lower back pain 20% faster and more comfortably than other heating pads. Lay on your comfortable couch watching your favorite show with an ultra-plush Geniani heating pad and your neck and shoulders pain will soon be gone!

Its longer cord is an excellent solution for those who loves to multitask. Now you can easily rest or even surf the Internet while doing your daily heating therapy.

It is all possible with the Geniani XL Electric Heating Pad


Back Pain Relief

This pad can help you cope with soreness and easily reduce lower back pain. It’s 20% faster and more comfortable than other heating pads.

Neck and Shoulders Pain Healing

Now you can lay on your couch watching your favorite TV-show with an ultra-plush Geniani heating pad while your neck and shoulder pain disappear! Just imagine. Sounds like a dream? It is all possible with a Geniani heating pad!

Sore Muscles Recovery

Reduce cramps and muscle tension easier with the largest heating pad available. It covers a 60% percent greater area.

Leg Pain Treatment

Our gentle yet powerful heating pad effectively increases blood circulation, soothes muscles and relieves cramps!

Fast and Soft Pain Relief with Extra Long 10 ft Cord

Fast heat distribution is all you need to feel rejuvenated and pain free.
Use the electric heating pad  from the comfort of your bed or favorite couch with its 10 ft long cord.
It is easy to take with you wherever you go!

Ultimate Safety with 2 hours Auto Shut Off

New design. New technology. Finally you can choose the perfect temperature level that fits your needs. More useful, more powerful yet 100% safer with a 2-hour auto shut off option.

Moist Heat Option

Suitable for both dry and moist heat therapies. Fast acting. Deep treatment. Targeted pain relief. Moist heat therapy is more effective than dry heat to heal deep tissue pain.

Size Matters - Extra Large Heating Pad

Extra Large Heating Pad provides broader coverage for not only small, but also large muscle groups.

Washing Machine Safe

In our everyday busy life there is never enough time. This is no longer a problem! You can wash your Geniani heating pad just like any clothing item and spend your free time as you wish.

3 Heat Settings

Now you can choose the heat option according to your own needs.Low, medium, and high-temperature modes are available.

5 Years Warranty

We want our clients to have only the best experience with our heating pads. That’s why we will refund your money if there are problems with the device.
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Comfort and Safety

Geniani heating pads conform to US safety standards which are proven by Intertek certification.
Best Gift Ever

Thoughtfully designed and easy to operate – a Geniani heating pad is a great gift to be enjoyed for years. Join our list of customers enjoying a pain-free life right now!

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electric heating pad

Shipping Weight

1.4 pounds


12’’x 24’’


microplush (top), fast heating knit fabric (bottom)

Auto Shut-Off Time

120 minutes

Cord length

10 ft

Heat levels

3 options (low, medium and high-temperature mode)

Shipping: All orders are shipped within 1 – 2 days with a shipping duration of 2 – 5 business days after the package has left our facility.

: Available not only for 30 days but for up to a year. No questions asked.

22 reviews for Geniani XL Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy -12 x 24″ (Black)

  1. 5

    T. L. Wi

    Bought for my mom to put at the foot of her bed so she can keep her feet warm at night. She gets cramps if they get cold so she heats up the end of her bed with an old heating pad but she had to getup and shut it off before she could go to sleep.
    This has a timer on it and shuts itself off so she can stay in bed and fall asleep. I want aware that it will turn itself back on at the same time the next day and shut itself off again after the set time. Even better than I thought.
    She loves it!

  2. 5


    The quality and comfort of this heating pad are awesome. It heats up so well, has 3 heating options and you can use it not only for back or other pain. I love to use it after a long working day to warm up while watching TV or reading a book. My wife use it to get rid of back pain and it really works! I am very happy with the price and the purchase.

  3. 5

    Cedric Palmer

    I got this pad for my husband – lately, he’s been complaining about muscle soring after spending the entire day on his feet. He used three different heating pads before, none of them lasted for a long time. This one, on the contrary, is amazing. I am astonished by how simple controls are. Also, the size of these heating pads is simply perfect to have all the core muscles covered.
    There are several heat settings. You can select the time for the pad to be on- when it passes, the pad will shut down automatically. My husband hasn’t yet tried the moist heat therapy but he’s eager to do it soon.

  4. 5


    I got this one because the previous one I had was made of poor plastic, therefore I need something made of good quality materials. This one is very soft and is big enough to fully cover my back. By the way, my husband also love it and usually uses it after long working day.

  5. 5

    Ronnie Quinn

    Everyone who knows me has no trouble guessing I suffer from muscle soreness for a long time. I got this heating pad after having tried all the traditional ways to deal with pain. I looked up the specs and read the reviews – the pad seemed really solid.
    In reality, it turned to even somewhat outperform my expectations. I already knew that the cover is supposed to be soft – still, having expected some skin irritation, I was surprised how gentle the cover of this one felt. The size is certainly a thing of beauty – I can wrap the pad around my back with no problems. The shut-off leaves me at ease – I often forget to turn electronics off when I leave the house – at least, I have one less thing to worry about with this pad. As to its efficiency, the soreness of shoulder muscles fades away 20-30 minutes after using the pad – in the morning, I feel well-rested and energized.

  6. 5

    Virgil Cook

    I wanted to give the pad a positive review because all the features described work well. For one thing, there are three heating mode and the difference between them is clearly obvious. The fabric of the cover is nice to look at and soft as well. I was pleasantly surprised by the length of the cable, really convenient as I don’t have an outlet near the bed.

    The pad is quite flexible, I can roll it up and put in the bag when I’m traveling. However, I haven’t noticed any sliding and it fits well altogether. The fabric isn’t heavy and I never felt pressured or distracted by the heating pad wrapped around my stomach. There are all the needed features, so it’s a certain 5-star purchase.

  7. 5

    Laverne Castro

    Lately, my upper back was suffering. This pad is amazing – I can just lean back on it and relax. It is really comfortable, the size allows me to lay the pad flat. Also, it’s made from super soft materials.
    There are a few settings but the controls of the pad are easy to figure out. There’s an auto shut-off – you wouldn’t have to worry about burns. In winters, the pad is especially amazing, I always turn it on just to relax and watch TV. I love this heating pad a ton and I’m grateful for buying it.

  8. 5

    Page turner

    This is a great heating pad with a larger than normal surface area. It is also soft and comfortable to use. Unfortunately, my dog has figured out when I have it “on” and will lie down next to me and try to push me over with her feet so that she can feel the heat too. Consequently, I’m thankful that it is pet-friendly as well.

  9. 5

    Gary E

    It is very soft and comfortable. I have only had it for 1 day but I slept with it all last night. My back aches constantly so it made a huge difference and helped me be able to fall asleep bc it decreased the pain immediately. It has 3 settings and the high is a good hot with the low being warm but not intense. So far I am a huge fan.

  10. 5

    Deborah Gilchrist

    All in all, I love the super soft squishy texture of it and ease of the molding to the area being used on.I’m also loving the black color and super long cord makes it useable in more location s without looking for a closer plug. The three settings are low, medium and high of course but am finding the medium setting to be what you would expect for low and the high setting gets hot so leaves you adjusting back and forth between med and high often. The most important to me is the comfort of the pad.I’m very thin due to the West Nile virus so a crunchy heat pad I can’t use so I’m very happy with this and great affordability on price. Will be buying a second one to have On hand

  11. 4

    Karen Gregoire

    Nice size, flexible, good heat out put and is very soft! I purchased 2 for our family. Highly satisfied.

  12. 5


    Overall, this feels like a good quality heating pad. It comes with 3 heat settings – low, medium, and high – and all levels feel like the appropriate temperature. I’d say the overall quality feels quite nice. It certainly doesn’t feel cheap and feels like it could withstand some heavy use. The fabric material on the exterior is super soft and comfortable, which is a plus to me. This product doesn’t come with a bag, (which I would’ve loved even more if it did) but it can easily be folded or rolled, and fit nicely into your own bag. I like how I can easily carry it to my office, where it can get quite cold sometimes. Overall, this is a solid product that I’d recommend to anybody who’s looking for a heating pad at a relatively cheap price point.
    This is the nicest heating pad, by far, that I have ever owned, and I have purchased many over the years. What sets this apart from others I have used?
    1. This heating pad has a thick soft layer which is absolutely wonderful, especially welcome when one has hurt a body part. You can wrap this around a shoulder, arm, foot, etc., and feel so pampered.
    2. No problem with washing– First I unplugged the cord, set it aside, and then washed the pad on gentle and then laid it flat to dry.
    3. The heat is quite effective at controlling pain, thank you!!!
    Amazing heating pad. I absolutely loved it. Very easy controls and flat out just worked!

  13. 5

    Nikki Kelly

    I absolutely love this heating pad it’s soft, hearts quickly, and is very large can fit the whole back. What I loved more then anything was the fact that I spend hundreds every month on online purchases never have I ever received a handwritten letter making sure I was satisfied with this product! I highly recommend this purchase.

  14. 5

    John Walenga

    Excellent product would highly recommend! Suffering from a recent femur spiral fracture, this product is great for relieving the pain. Easy to use, heats up instantly! Easy to wash to keep sanitary, and as described can be used as dry or moist heat therapy.

  15. 4

    Shane B.

    We bought this heating pad to replace one that basically fell apart. It gets used every single day. The last one we got from a well-known manufacturer became misshaped and started heating in spotty areas.
    This one is much softer, heats up much more evenly and is holding up great.
    The size is great for covering your entire back. Definitely not sorry we purchased this heating pad.

  16. 5

    Jenny Gibson

    Love the softness and the quality. Love it so much, I bought one for my daughter that’s in the navy!! Would definitely recommend

  17. 5

    Diane L

    I received this heating pad about 2weeks ago and use it almost daily on my back. So far, so good! Two others I’ve purchased from a well-known mfg. have stopped working after about 4 weeks.
    I, therefore, looked for one that had a different control mechanism and picked this one. Has one less heat setting, but that’s not really an issue for me. Giving it 5 stars, but have not tried using moist heat. Very pleased so far!

  18. 5

    Delores A. Carone

    I like the product a lot. It’s well made and does what you need!

  19. 4


    I’ve tried a ton of heating pads, and this one is amazing! It heats up really quickly. The only thing I wish it had was a stay on function, I believe it auto shuts off after an hour.

  20. 5


    It is so soft and flexible and heats up immediately. The size is enough to wrap around a shoulder or neck and cover a long segment of your spine. I like the fact I can wash it too. Excellent product in my opinion.

  21. 5

    Michelle johnson

    This is an excellent heating pad! Heats quickly and very soft and flexible. Great price for a great heating pad. Certainly the best heating pad I have found.

  22. 5

    Randi J. Willig

    Oversized, soft, and a comfortable heating pad. Great quality.

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