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GENIANI Extra Large Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief 12″x24″ – Auto Shut Off – Soft Heat Pad for Moist & Dry Therapy (Tabby Gray)

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Geniani X Large Heating Pad for Back Pain (Gray) helps you cope with back pain or neck aches better that other heating pads available. It effectively increases blood circulation, soothes muscles, and relieves cramps. X large size covers small and large muscles groups. Start a healthy life with Geniani. Buy online to get this awesome X large heating pad now.

  • X large heating pads for full body relief
  • Fast heating
  • Several heating options
  • 5 year warranty

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  •  Tired of back pain?
  •  Need to get rid of neck and shoulders pain quickly and effectively?
  •  Reduce cramps and muscle tension?

 Pain is no longer a problem with a heating pad from Geniani.

More powerful.
icon 285 1 - GENIANI Extra Large Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief 12"x24" - Auto Shut Off - Soft Heat Pad for Moist & Dry Therapy (Tabby Gray)
More comfortable.
icon 285 2 - GENIANI Extra Large Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief 12"x24" - Auto Shut Off - Soft Heat Pad for Moist & Dry Therapy (Tabby Gray)
More effective.
icon 285 3 - GENIANI Extra Large Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief 12"x24" - Auto Shut Off - Soft Heat Pad for Moist & Dry Therapy (Tabby Gray)
Heat faster that ever.
icon 285 4 - GENIANI Extra Large Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief 12"x24" - Auto Shut Off - Soft Heat Pad for Moist & Dry Therapy (Tabby Gray)

A Geniani heating pad helps you to cope with soreness or lower back pain 20% faster and more comfortably than other heating pads. Lay on your comfortable couch watching your favorite show with an ultra-plush Geniani heating pad and your neck and shoulders pain will soon be gone!

Its longer cord is an excellent solution for those who loves to multitask. Now you can easily rest or even surf the Internet while doing your daily heating therapy.

It is all possible with the Geniani XL Electric Heating Pad (Gray)


Back Pain Relief

This pad can help you cope with soreness and easily reduce lower back pain. It’s 20% faster and more comfortable than other heating pads.

Neck and Shoulders Pain Healing

Now you can lay on your couch watching your favorite TV-show with an ultra-plush Geniani heating pad while your neck and shoulder pain disappear! Just imagine. Sounds like a dream? It is all possible with a Geniani heating pad!

Sore Muscles Recovery

Reduce cramps and muscle tension easier with the largest heating pad available. It covers a 60% percent greater area.

Leg Pain Treatment

Our gentle yet powerful heating pad effectively increases blood circulation, soothes muscles and relieves cramps!

Fast and Soft Pain Relief with Extra Long 10 ft Cord

Fast heat distribution is all you need to feel rejuvenated and pain free.
Use the electric heating pad  from the comfort of your bed or favorite couch with its 10 ft long cord.
It is easy to take with you wherever you go!

Ultimate Safety with 2 hours Auto Shut Off

New design. New technology. Finally you can choose the perfect temperature level that fits your needs. More useful, more powerful yet 100% safer with a 2-hour auto shut off option.

Moist Heat Option

Suitable for both dry and moist heat therapies. Fast acting. Deep treatment. Targeted pain relief. Moist heat therapy is more effective than dry heat to heal deep tissue pain.

Size Matters - X Large Heating Pad

X Large heating pad provides broader coverage for not only small, but also large muscle groups.

Washing Machine Safe

In our everyday busy life there is never enough time. This is no longer a problem! You can wash your Geniani heating pad just like any clothing item and spend your free time as you wish.

3 Heat Settings

Now you can choose the heat option according to your own needs. Low, medium, and high-temperature modes are available.

5 Years Warranty

We want our clients to have only the best experience with our heating pads. That’s why we will refund your money if there are problems with the device.
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Comfort and Safety

Geniani heating pads conform to US safety standards which are proven by Intertek certification.
Best Gift Ever

Thoughtfully designed and easy to operate – a Geniani heating pad is a great gift to be enjoyed for years. Join our list of customers enjoying a pain-free life right now!

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electric heating pad

Shipping Weight

1.4 pounds


12’’x 24’’


microplush (top); fast heating knit fabric (bottom)

Auto Shut-Off Time

120 minutes

Cord length

10 ft

Heat levels

3 options (low, medium and high-temperature mode)

Shipping: All orders are shipped within 1 – 2 days with a shipping duration of 2 – 5 business days after the package has left our facility.

: Available not only for 30 days but for up to a year. No questions asked.

25 reviews for GENIANI Extra Large Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief 12″x24″ – Auto Shut Off – Soft Heat Pad for Moist & Dry Therapy (Tabby Gray)

  1. 5

    Cajun Pecan Lady

    My old heating pad finally died and I need a heating pad often for chronic pain. After reading “not so good” reviews on the brand I was going to buy, I came across this heating pad and decided to try it because the reviews were much better. This one is large size, very soft, and easy to use. I’ve had no problems with it at all after about a week of almost constant use every evening. I haven’t tried the moist heat, so I can’t say anything about that component, but the regular heating pad works great. Time will tell about it’s durability, but so far I am very pleased, and their customer relations department seems to be on top of things so I feel confident they will help if I need them.

  2. 4


    The customer service for this heating pad is wonderful! I just received the pad and haven’t tried it yet but it appears to be great quality. The plug is pretty big and unfortunately on the wrong side for me because of the side of the bed I sleep on.

  3. 5


    This is the Cadillac of heating pads.. I love how big it is, and so plush and can be used dry or as moist heat. Other great features are how long the cord is.. plenty of length to reach from the wall socket to wherever I’m using the heating pad. The automatic shut off is great too!

  4. 5


    First I noticed the soft fuzzy blanket like material. Then I noticed this isn’t like the old heating pad with the big white plastic heating pad under a cover, that gets all stiff and miss sharpened. This one has coil’s in the fabric. So it is soft and flexible. You can wrap it around your arm or leg if needed. Dial is large and each temp : low, med and high has their own color so it’s easy at night to see which setting you are on. Bery, very long cord so shouldn’t have any problem plugging into a wall socket and reaching up to your bed. This came at the right time, my back went out a day before this came. I ordered it to have 2 since my daughter needs one now too. I’m happy with it.

  5. 5


    This is delightful to use, unlike the stiff heating pad I picked up at a drug store, lent to a friend, and thankfully never got back. I recently sprained my arm, and the flexibility of the pad is great because it can wrap around my arm, which is pretty skinny. The fabric is super soft and I love the tabby gray color. Heats up very quickly too. Very happy with my purchase.

  6. 5

    S. Adams

    I suffer from major cramps during that time of the month and the only thing that helps is heat. I have a Sunbeam heating pad that’s just like this one and I love it. I decided I wanted another pad to keep in my office at work because I was tired of carting my other one back and forth between home and work. I opted for this pad because it seemed the same and the price was better than the Sunbeam. Let me tell you, this pad is the same, if not better, than the Sunbeam. It heats up super fast and the highest heat setting is hot enough for me; the cord on this pad is also longer than the Sunbeam, which I love.

  7. 5


    I love this thing. I use it every day on my lower back and it really helps with my fibromyalgia pain. I have no complaints. It even helps keep me warm in my chilly old house!

  8. 5

    Krystal Watson

    I’m in love with this heating pad. With chronic feet soreness, I really needed something as relaxing as this one. The pad does its job perfectly. I love having a large size – this way, I can 100% cover my feet and not feel cold.
    Also, the pad is really warm and takes little time to heat. It’s easy to turn this thing off and on, there’s even an auto shut-off that’ll shut it down instead of me. I really needed a feature like that – no more getting up at night simply I turn the pad off. I loved the possibility to adjust the heating setting and the long cord.

  9. 5

    Ronnie Quinn

    Everyone who knows me has no trouble guessing I suffer from muscle soreness for a long time. I got this heating pad after having tried all the traditional ways to deal with pain. I looked up the specs and read the reviews – the pad seemed really solid.
    In reality, it turned to even somewhat outperform my expectations. I already knew that the cover is supposed to be soft – still, having expected some skin irritation, I was surprised how gentle the cover of this one felt. The size is certainly a thing of beauty – I can wrap the pad around my back with no problems. The shut-off leaves me at ease – I often forget to turn electronics off when I leave the house – at least, I have one less thing to worry about with this pad. As to its efficiency, the soreness of shoulder muscles fades away 20-30 minutes after using the pad – in the morning, I feel well-rested and energized.

  10. 5

    Happy Shopper

    This blanket came right on time, and I absolutely don’t know how I lived without one for so long. I like the adjustable temperatures and it’s the perfect size for my back. If you are looking to invest is this blanket, try it for yourself you can’t go wrong!

  11. 4

    Roderick Kim

    I have used a lot of pads before I got this one. This one is the most comfortable and easiest to use. For one thing, I’ve appreciated the length of the cord seeing that the outlets in my room are really far from the bed. Also, it’s nice and big, easy to put in the way that it doesn’t roll up when you move. The cover is really stylish, even has a soothing effect on me. I loved the shut-off a great deal, finally, I don’t have to get up and turn the pad off. The pad also has a great price and works exactly the way a good product should

  12. 5


    I’m loving my new heating pad. Very soft and comfortable. I have fibromyalgia and it heats very well and helps with it so far.

  13. 4


    This heating pad is great! It’s soft, heats up fast and is nice and large. Easy to use and works very well. I have to say that this is probably the best heating pad I’ve tried. Another plus. It’s not super stiff and plasticky with a cheap cover. This one is super nice. Get it!

  14. 5


    I have constant lower back pain and applying heat helps provide some relief. There are 3 different heat level and you swap them by just pressing the button until you get to the desired heat level you want. What I like most about this heating pad is it’s soft, has even heat distribution and an automatic shut off feature. I use it mostly at night at bedtime and usually fall asleep with it on. I really like that it automatically shuts off after 2 hours and doesn’t stay on all night. It’s machine washable too. You just disconnect the plug, wash on the gentle cycle with warm water and hang to dry.

  15. 5

    Jose A.

    I love this heating pad! It helps so much with the pain and inflammation. I suffer from chronic pain due to a spinal injury with pinched nerves and constant muscle spasms. This is the best heating pad I’ve had so far. The feel is awesome, easy to use, has pretty good weight even though it’s thin. I’ve used it on my back, shoulder and knees and it works great. Being able to use it dry or moistened is incredible. I highly recommend this heating pad to all pain sufferers, it’s a must have!

  16. 4

    Wahnema Hardin

    I was pleasantly surprised with this heating pad. It is very soft and more important, it’s very flexible. It heats up pretty quickly and I really like the heat settings. I also like that it will turn it’s self off. I sometimes forget to turn the pad off. The size I got is the perfect size as I use it mainly on my stomach.

  17. 5

    Paula McGrath

    I’m changing my review of this heating pad. I tried it for a couple of days and I think it gets hot enough, I just have the setting on the highest setting. What I do like about this heating pad is that it stays on for 2 hours! My other heating pad would shut off in 20 minutes, which is a pain to keep on turning it on. I will now give this 5 stars

  18. 5

    Crystal B.

    Great product!!! Thank you so much!

  19. 5

    A Lipton

    I really love this heating pad. My husband and i often fight over it. It is so soft. Time to order another one.

  20. 4


    By far the best heating pad I have ever had

  21. 5


    Item was larger than I thought it would be, which I enjoyed as I can put it in my bed during the winter months and it will properly warm my bed before I get in, and the heating pad can stretch the length of my back to soothe aching muscles. I am very happy with this product.

  22. 4


    nice and large.

  23. 5


    Bought this heating pad for a family member. They’ve already used it and says it works wonders! Highly recommend it.

  24. 4


    Feels great on my back and did not cost too much–a good buy.

  25. 5


    Back pain relief and the temperature is perfect. Definitely does what it’s supposed to do! Highly recommend.

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