Humidifiers & Diffusers

Scientists claim that fresh air improves the effectiveness of work and elevates mood. It is as important as a healthy diet, being active, and sleeping well.

But is there a way to get fresh air without needing to move out of town? It turns out, there is.
To bring fresh air back to your home, you can use a diffuser, or a humidifier. Let’s see how they work and how they are different.
So, the main idea is pretty identical – vapor is created out of liquid and then it’s turned into air.

Humidifier turns water into vapor, and that is how the air is produced. It is totally safe for little kids and pregnant women.

An essential oil diffuser, though it seems identical to a humidifier, is used for aromatherapy because it vaporizes oils. It has a stronger effect on fighting colds. However, using an essential oil diffuser is not recommended for newborns. In fact, both appliances will help your lungs and ease skin problems.

How They Work


A warm mist humidifier practically boils water and emits steam. These models are not recommended to be used around children. But if still you want to fill your child’s room with fresh air, stick to a baby humidifier. The thing about ultrasonic models is that they are quiet and don’t distract you from any activities. An air humidifier can generate either warm or cool mist. Depending on the model, cool mist can be generated in a number of ways. Ultrasonic models use vibration. Evaporative models use a fan to blow air over water, while impeller types use a spinning disk to aerosolize water.


Generally, diffusers disperse essential oils into the air, and that’s how aromatherapy works. However there are different types of diffusers. Nebulizing diffusers create pressure which puts drops of oils in a separate glass and then this air goes into the room. A cool mist diffuser, also known as an ultrasonic diffuser, is in fact, a humidifier, so it creates vapor out of water and essential oil.

Understanding Ratings

Both humidifiers and diffusers are usually rated by tank sizes. However, there might be some insignificant differences.

Humidifier is rated by the water tank that can vary from 1 to 4 liters. The smallest sizes are suitable for tiny rooms, so if you want to humidify an office or a conference room, stick to a larger tank.

Diffusers tanks are smaller – typically from 300 to 500 ml. A 500 ml diffuser can provide 6 to 8 hours of aromatherapy. There are smaller models for those who don’t need to have long
aromatherapy sessions.