Jessica LaNier Review

"As a mama of 3 tiny humans, this massager is a life saver! The length and shape of the wand is ideal so I can reach the tense places in my neck & shoulders. I recently had severe neck pain and this massager really helped relax the muscles so my chiropractor could make effective adjustments. I highly recommend"

AlyFitMom's Opinion

"I’m extremely impressed with this massager! I’ve been using it multiple times a day since I received it. I’m currently training for a Half Marathon, so this has been perfect for recovery. I’m someone who is constantly begging my husband to massage my back because I have so many knots, so I wasn’t sure why to expect with this. When I tried the Point Stick, I was honestly floored because it was able to target all of my knots and give me a deep massage! It comes with 6 different heads and they’re all amazing for different reasons! My two favorites are the Point and Cushion! The only thing I would say that could improve would be the weight of the massager itself. After about 10 minutes, my hand does start to hurt a little bit because it’s slightly top-heavy and I have carpal tunnel in my wrists. But that is literally the only “negative” thing about this... And it’s not even really negative. Overall, 10/10! I’m obsessed and will continue to use this daily!"

Durell Comedy

"This handheld massager has been so handy!! The 6 interchangeable heads are a game charger. Each one targets different areas on the body. My favorite is the reflexology tip, I use it on the ball of my feet since I’m always walking 6+ miles a day. It has 3 settings and various speeds for a slower massage or a deeper and stronger massage. Obviously human hands are always preferred but this massager is a close second!"