• FAST NECK & SHOULDERS PAIN RELIEF! The dual hot/cold neck heating pad is a true miracle-worker for those with constant neck pain. Fitting perfectly on your shoulders, the heating wrap delivers up to 20 minutes of deep, soothing heat to relieve pressure and take away that annoying chronic neck pain.
  • GET COZY AND COMFY WHEREVER YOU ARE! Made to be the optimal size, Magma is the ideal heating pad for neck and shoulders that stays in place on the go: in the car, on a plane, or while using public transport. Since Magma is a cordless heating pad, you can use it in any position: lying down, sitting, or even standing.
  • HEATS UP IN SECONDS! Magma is a microwavable heating wrap that can be brought to optimum temperatures speedily, so you can use it right away when you need it. Though robust enough to be used in the microwave, Magma is soft to touch, so you can fully enjoy the experience. Pain alleviation in minutes!
  • USE IT ALSO AGAINST SWELLING & INFLAMMATION! Besides relieving muscle tension, the heat wrap can also be used as a cold wrap left to cool in the freezer. The cold wrap will minimize swelling around injuries and decrease pain levels as soon as you apply it.
  • ANXIETY, TENSION AND STRESS RELIEF! Filled with lavender and millets, this heating pad for neck and shoulders is also a great aromatherapy product. The heat will release a calming scent of lavender that will put your mind into a state of complete relaxation. 1 YEAR WARRANTY. Risk-Free Purchase & Hassle-Free Replacement!

Relieve chronic pain and tension effortless with Magma!

You can now keep pain under control with Magma, the microwavable heating pad that works its magic in minutes, alleviating muscle spasms and offering relief from daily anxiety and tension.

Made to ergonomically fit the contour of your neck and shoulders

This deep relief heating pad fits all sizes, offering a pleasant warming sensation that goes deep into the muscle tissue, helping release the tension in your pain spots.

Made from a quality and durable material with a soft texture for extra comfort, the neck and shoulders heating pad is weighted, providing up to 20 minutes of deep heat.

A lot more than a just a heating wrap

Inside the soft heating pad there’s a pleasant surprise that will intensify the calming experience: lavender for aromatherapy! Now relax and let the scent carry you to a dreamland.

Works in two ways: heated wrap or cold wrap

Magma is a pain alleviation product that can be used to treat tension and chronic pain, as well as inflammation. Based on your needs, you can use it as a microwavable heated wrap, or as a cold wrap to cool in the freezer.

No more annoying cables and a storage pouch included!

Meant to be easy to use whenever and wherever, this cordless heated wrap is ideal to be used on the go, and anytime you manage to have a moment for yourself.

After you’re done, simply put the heating wrap in its own storage pouch until you need to use it again.

Ease out recurring pains and stress, while getting to enjoy more out of your life with this neck and shoulders heating pad. Get instant muscle relaxation of neck and shoulders while you recharge your batteries.

Make soreness, migraine, and tension a thing of the past. You deserve it!