Does a handheld deep tissue massager really work

What is your favorite way to relax after work? One of the best ways to relax at the end of a long day is to watch YouTube or Netflix and massage out knots in your muscles. Massage is a great way to get rid of stress and body aches, and you can get a lot of benefits at home with a handheld massager. Let’s talk about deep tissue massagers and learn all the benefits.

What is a deep tissue massager

Deep tissue massage is a technique that’s mainly used to treat strains and sports injuries, serious muscle tension. How does it work? A deep tissue muscle massager involves applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues. It successfully breaks up scar tissue that forms following an injury and reduces tension in muscles and tissue. At the beginning of a deep tissue massage, lighter pressure is generally applied to warm up and prepare the muscles.

7 benefits of a deep tissue massager

A deep tissue massager has both physical and psychological benefits. It does not only help you to relax, but deep tissue massage helps to treat muscle pain and improve stiffness. Deep tissue massage usually focuses on a specific problem, such as chronic muscle pain, injury rehabilitation, etc. There are 7 main benefits of an electric deep tissue massager.

A relaxing effect

It is no secret that all types of massage really relax your body. These devices also have a relaxing effect, and not only on your muscles. A portable massager helps to ease your stress and relax your mind as well.

Good for muscle pain

If you are suffering from muscle pain, handheld massagers can be extremely helpful. They are very effective at treating muscle pain. A deep tissue massager copes with muscle tension and pain effectively.  They improve local circulation which helps muscles to relax, which also helps to relieve pain.

Get rid of lower back pain

A handheld massager is an effective device to cope with lower back pain. It effectively stimulates the local blood circulation, therefore the muscles around your spine will receive more oxygen and nutrients. As a result, this will increase their ability to repair themselves, and it will also increase their elasticity and flexibility, making you feel better.

Can improve your sleep

You will sleep better with the help of this type of massagers. You will improve your sleep quality and start a new life without any pain or cramps. Your stress levels are significantly lowered after a 10 – 20-minute massage session, so you will sleep more comfortably.

Perfect for exertion soreness

If you like to change your training regimen, you have probably experienced exertion soreness. This type of muscle pain can also appear at certain times during the year when you pick up surfing or skiing for example. By stimulating your muscles, the handheld massagers can help you deal with exertion soreness, especially if they use heated therapy.

Improve blood circulation

Massagers activate your muscles and stimulate the local blood circulation. This can treat your sore muscles, and it can also help with your painful joints.

Good for skin

By stimulating the blood circulation under the skin, the handheld massagers can make your skin look better. This aspect can also be enhanced by some models that come with attachment heads that work as skin scrapers.

Main features of handheld massagers

Massage therapy eases the tension in your muscles and helps you relax. It also reduces excessive cellulite in your skin to get rid of dimpled skin. There are a lot of features to consider when choosing a personal massager.

Massage techniques

There are a lot of massage techniques and all of them have different benefits. Here’s a list of massage techniques you’re most likely to encounter when buying a handheld unit.


This massage technique involves the compression of soft tissues against the underlying bone structures or against one another. The kneading massage is recommended for the treatment of tight muscles, it aids in pain relief, and it increases your muscles’ flexibility.


This massage technique involves pounding and striking actions that the masseur applies with his fists. The attachments will strike your body repeatedly, stimulating your blood flow and increasing your muscle’s elasticity and the local temperature.


This type is probably the best massage technique you can find in handheld models. The percussion massage involves rapid movements from the wrists that hit the body alternately with each hand. Percussion massage stimulates both the skin and the muscle reflexes. This type of massage improves the local blood circulation, and it relaxes your muscles.

Heat therapy

Heat therapy is a magic key to relaxation. It will help you to unwind and relax after a long working day and forget about the pain. Heat therapy promotes comfort and relaxation, and it can also take the edge off some aches and pains. One of the advantages of using heat therapy is that it can be an effective treatment for stiffness and cramping. Of course, heat therapy can also be used with good results for other conditions.

Exertion soreness

Even if you’re used to exercising regularly, trying a new type of training can lead to exertion soreness. People who love to ski or snowboard know what we are talking about. They experience this after the first day on the slope. Heat therapy is one of the best ways to get rid of exertion soreness. The warmth will help to lower the lactic acid level and relax your muscles.

Muscle knots

Knots and cramping produce dull and constant pain, which can sometimes feel extremely uncomfortable. Such pain causes you to change your posture, which in turn can lead to other muscle knots or cramping. When you use heat therapy on a muscle knot, the results are magnificent. You might not notice anything at first, but as soon as your muscle warms up properly, it will begin to relax. As the muscle relaxes, the knot will disappear and you will feel like a new person.

Painful muscles

Sometimes your muscles can be so sore you can’t even tell which muscles hurt and which don’t. This usually happens when you’re sleep deprived or when you have vitamin D deficiency. Some people can experience this feeling when they have the flu or a cold.
Most of the time, these muscle pains are produced by the tension accumulated in your muscles. The heat therapy can make your muscles relax and relieve the tension.
Handheld massagers are the perfect choice because they can be moved from one part of your body to another quickly, and they are comfortable to use even when you’re feeling sick.

Lower back pain

Most people experience lower back pain at least once in their lives. Especially if you are an office worker and sit all day long – you’re more likely to suffer from lower back pain.
Lower back pain is extremely serious and can be difficult to cope with. But, fortunately, heat therapy is a great solution to this problem. Heat therapy improves blood circulation. As a result, more blood reaches the muscles surrounding your spine. Your muscles start to heal cause they get more oxygen and nutrients. Heat therapy will also relieve your muscles of tension. Without being tense, your muscles will feel better, and they will regain some of their old flexibility.

Adjustable speed

This feature is really important. A personal massager with an adjustable speed setting is more versatile than one without this function. It allows you to choose the speed for your own needs. Changing the speed will help to personalize your massage setting and experience.
The lowest setting will help you to relax and unwind after a long day, while a higher speed setting is great for a deep tissue massage. This can be a very valuable feature in the long run.

Attachment heads

You can use this device in different ways according to the number of attachment heads that the massager has.  A lot of deep tissue massagers have 3-5 heads and each one produces a different type of massage therapy.
Using a massager that comes with multiple attachment heads and an adjustable speed setting will allow you to customize your massage sessions and tailor them to your needs.
Here are the main types of attachment heads you’re likely to find when buying a handheld massager.

Kneading massage head

This massage head is perfectly designed for a deep-tissue massage.
This massage head is usually somewhat narrow or has a narrow point. This attachment will push harder and reach farther under your muscles when you use it. The massage head’s design allows it to slide on the surface of your muscles and push against the pressure points with low resistance. The design of a kneading massage head allows it to reach deeper and produce a more thorough massage experience.

Wide massage head

The wide massage head is good for a soothing massage. As you can probably imagine, this massage head is not suited for deep tissue massages. It has a smooth surface that will produce a comfortable touch, and every massage session will be relaxing.

Roller head

The roller head provides a firm massage, but not deep tissue. This attachment head usually has a textured surface, and it will stimulate your local blood circulation. This massage head is perfect for your day-to-day massage sessions. It will still provide a massage powerful enough to stimulate your muscles and relax them afterward.

Scraper head

The scraper massage head helps to improve your skin and makes it look really fantastic. This massage head will gently remove the dead skin cells from your body, so the skin will look healthier. This massage head is also very effective at stimulating the blood circulation under your skin. It will help you to get rid of cellulite easily. Thanks to the increased blood flow, the skin will receive more nutrients and it will look better.

Scalp massage head

Some models come with a scalp massager. While this attachment head is not as effective as scalp massagers that are specially designed for this task, it will still perform a relaxing and comfortable massage.

Note: To use the handheld massager, always make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations beforehand. Some attachment heads should not be used under certain conditions.


The portability of any massager is determined by the length of its power cord and whether or not it is cordless.

High portability

Cordless units are the most portable massagers. These units can be used anywhere if they’re charged. You can use them at home, you can use them while you’re lounging in your backyard, and you can use them while you’re at work.

Medium portability

Some handheld massagers come with long power cords. Some models come with power cords that are 14 feet long. These cords are long enough to allow you to move around the power outlet they use, so they offer pretty good portability.

Low portability

Massagers that come with short power cords offer low portability. Some models have power cords that are only 3 – 4 feet long. This is a disadvantage, as you will have to stay near a power outlet or use an extension cord every time you want to use the massager.


As you have already learned, using a massager offers different advantages. One of them is that you can use these massagers on most of your body. But a massager’s versatility is influenced by several features.


One of the first things you have to take into consideration when you’re looking for a handheld massager is the design. Not all manufacturers use the same design, and some are better than others.

Elongated massagers

They are usually very good at reaching difficult spots. They tend to have a slimmer body that will allow you to grab the handle with ease, and they are usually easy to wield. These models usually use only one massage head, so you will have to take your time if you want to massage a larger part of your body.

Short massagers

These devices are usually very easy to wield. They have a comfortable handle that is easy to hold, and they can reach most of your back without any problems. We have reviewed other types of electric back massagers here!
However, you might find it difficult to reach certain spots on your body when you use these models, especially if your arms are not very long.

Wide massagers

They are very effective. Instead of using one or two massage heads, these models use a single wide one. The wide massage attachment usually contains several smaller units that work in unison to produce a comfortable massage. These units are very effective at covering large surfaces in quick succession, and they will massage your whole body in no time whatsoever.

Massage heads

As you have probably noticed by now, some handheld massagers use a single massage head while others use two.
Single head massagers usually have a better reach and are perfect for massaging just the right spot. They can be very helpful for people who suffer from muscle knots and cramps.
Some models use wide attachment heads, so they will massage a large surface in a short time, but most of them use narrow attachment heads. The narrow attachment heads will make slow progress over a large surface, so they might not be the best choice for impatient people. Double head massagers usually have a shorter but wider reach. They’re more efficient at massaging a larger surface. They can be very good for people who suffer from muscle pains because they can work a group of muscles from two different angles at the same time.


The weight of the handheld massager plays a key role in its versatility. You might buy a top-of-the-line model, but if it’s too heavy for you to hold comfortably, you won’t be able to use it to its full potential. The extra weight offers you the possibility to change the intensity of the massage therapy.  However, you should always make sure you will be able to use the massager comfortably before buying.

Power cord length

The power cord’s length also plays a role in the unit’s versatility. As you can imagine, a unit with a shorter power cord will be less versatile. Of course, cordless units don’t have these problems unless their batteries are depleted. When they’re operating on batteries, these units are very versatile. When they’re connected to their chargers, they have a limited versatility because the chargers usually have a short power cord.

Massage attachments

Not all the massage attachments are designed to work on every part of your body. In fact, some of them are rather uncomfortable when you try to use them on sensitive spots.
Having a model that comes with multiple attachment heads is an advantage because it offers more chances of finding a good attachment head for every part of your body, sensitive or not.

The best deep tissue handheld massager

Using a massager regularly can minimize the occurrence of sore or injured muscles by increasing the flexibility of those muscles. This makes performing various exercises and your regular activities less hazardous.

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