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Geniani XXL Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy -18 x 26″ (Blue Gray)

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Geniani XXL Electric Heating Pad (Wisdom Gray) offers moist and dry heat therapy for shoulders and neck pain. Perfect for the largest muscles to get rid of tension and pain faster and more effectively than ever. 100% safe with a 2-hour auto shut off option. The extra long cord allows you to do heat therapy right in bed or your favorite couch. Choose the perfect temperature level that fits your needs and enjoy a healthy pain-free life now with the largest available electric heating pad.

  • XXL Electric Heating Pad for full pain relief
  • Offers both moist and dry heating therapy
  • Super fast heating with three modes
  • Gentle micro plush fibers to promote better relaxation

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  •  Tired of back pain?
  •  Need to get rid of neck and shoulders pain quickly and effectively?
  •  Reduce cramps and muscle tension?

 Pain is no longer a problem with a heating pad from Geniani.

More powerful.
icon 285 1 - Geniani XXL Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy -18 x 26″ (Blue Gray)
More comfortable.
icon 285 2 - Geniani XXL Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy -18 x 26″ (Blue Gray)
More effective.
icon 285 3 - Geniani XXL Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy -18 x 26″ (Blue Gray)
Heat faster than ever.
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A Geniani heating pad helps you to cope with soreness or lower back pain 20% faster and more comfortably than other heating pads. Lay on your comfortable couch watching your favorite show with an ultra-plush Geniani heating pad and your neck and shoulders pain will soon be gone!

Its longer cord is an excellent solution for those who loves to multitask. Now you can easily rest or even surf the Internet while doing your daily heating therapy.

It is all possible with the Geniani XXL Electric Heating Pad


Back Pain Relief

This pad can help you cope with soreness and easily reduce lower back pain. It’s 20% faster and more comfortable than other heating pads.

Neck and Shoulders Pain Healing

Now you can lay on your couch watching your favorite TV-show with an ultra-plush Geniani heating pad while your neck and shoulder pain disappear! Just imagine. Sounds like a dream? It is all possible with a Geniani heating pad!

Sore Muscles Recovery

Reduce cramps and muscle tension easier with the largest heating pad available. It covers a 60% percent greater area.

Leg Pain Treatment

Our gentle yet powerful heating pad effectively increases blood circulation, soothes muscles and relieves cramps!

Fast and Soft Pain Relief with Extra Long 10 ft Cord

Fast heat distribution is all you need to feel rejuvenated and pain free.
Use the electric heating pad  from the comfort of your bed or favorite couch with its 10 ft long cord.
It is easy to take with you wherever you go!

Ultimate Safety with 2 hours Auto Shut Off

New design. New technology. Finally you can choose the perfect temperature level that fits your needs. More useful, more powerful yet 100% safer with a 2-hour auto shut off option.

Moist Heat Option

Suitable for both dry and moist heat therapies. Fast acting. Deep treatment. Targeted pain relief. Moist heat therapy is more effective than dry heat to heal deep tissue pain.

Size Matters -XXL Heating Pad

The Largest XXL heating pad provides 60% more coverage. Great for both small and large muscle groups. Biggest available heating pad to soothe your whole body.

Washing Machine Safe

In our everyday busy life there is never enough time. This is no longer a problem! You can wash your Geniani heating pad just like any clothing item and spend your free time as you wish.

3 Heat Settings

Now you can choose the heat option according to your own needs.Low, medium, and high-temperature modes are available.

5 Years Warranty

We want our clients to have only the best experience with our heating pads. That’s why we will refund your money if there are problems with the device.
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Comfort and Safety

Geniani heating pads conform to US safety standards which are proven by Intertek certification.
Best Gift Ever

Thoughtfully designed and easy to operate – a Geniani heating pad is a great gift to be enjoyed for years. Join our list of customers enjoying a pain-free life right now!

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electric heating pad

Shipping wieght

1.6 pounds


18''x 26''


microplush (top), fast heating knit fabric (bottom)

Auto Shut-Off Time

120 minutes

Cord length

10 ft

Heat levels

3 options (low, medium and high-temperature mode)

Shipping: All orders are shipped within 1 – 2 days with a shipping duration of 2 – 5 business days after the package has left our facility.

: Available not only for 30 days but for up to a year. No questions asked.

26 reviews for Geniani XXL Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy -18 x 26″ (Blue Gray)

  1. 5


    Love it!! I saw my colleagues use the smaller size and they loved it, but I love my full back being covered specially because I am so tall. It’s so awesome I think this is a good gift items for all my colleagues who still have back issues!!

  2. 5


    This heating pad is amazing. I love the size. It wrappes around my entire stomach and back area. The original reason for purchase was menstral cramps but I’ve also been using it as a heat warmer at night for me cold feet. Highly recommend!

  3. 5

    Jessie Peterson

    The pad is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s just as big as it gets to comfortably cover my back. The pad gets hot in approximately 2 minutes – way faster than my previous one did.

    Also, I’m happy with auto shut-off – this way I can sleep well at night without a risk of being burned.

    Special thanks for a long cord!

  4. 5


    Great item! Heats super fast, with 3 settings for comfort. I kept mine on low, as Med and High were too hot for me. Nice soft material on cover. Feels like velvet. It has a perfect length cord – not too long or too short. Although listed as XXL, I’d have liked it even slightly larger, as I couldn’t wrap it around both hips at the same time. It covered my low back, but couldn’t include my hip area. (I’m only 5’2″, 100 pounds, so if you’re larger than this, you might find it slightly too small.) But it functions perfectly, even the auto-shut off.

  5. 5


    This is a nice pad, soft and warm. I have a sensitive skin. Still I can use this every day to warm myself in cold winter w;heather. At first I was disappointed because of a strong plastic smell, but I decided to try it. 3 weeks later the smell was completely gone. I love it now.

  6. 5


    This pad is awesome. When I bought it, I probably got even more than what I’ve paid for. It heats up faster and the material softer than other heating pads. I can choose the perfect temperature level that fits my needs. Really like it.

  7. 5


    this is a godsend! I use it every night and it helps my pain so much! Will recommend anyone who has pain get this product!

  8. 5


    I was surprised at how large it was, certainly NOT complaining! Cord length is longer than the average as well. Which is nice for using while laying in bed. Warmed up quite a bit faster than our older heating pad.

    I’d recommend this to anyone wanting a large heating pad. I feel it’s money well spent.

  9. 5

    MB Awesome

    Very good. This pad Is huge and gets super hot. I noticed that the medium heat is almost as hot as the high setting. That is great because on high it turns down the temperature automatically after about 10 minutes (I assume so it doesn’t overheat). On medium, it was almost as hot as high BUT it didn’t cool off as fast or as much so I was able to use it much longer on my sore back. I had tried several different heating pads and I returned the rest for many reasons including them turning off after only 5-10 minutes of heat.
    This one is much better and is a good value for the price. I would buy again.

  10. 5

    Summer Harvey

    Ordered 2 of these. They are so nice, works perfectly. Mom and I both use ours on low. Wish I would have seen and ordered sooner. There was a small issue with 1 and their customer service took care of it faster than I’d have thought. Will definitely be purchasing from them again. I would recommend them to anyone. Great product…Absolutely amazing Customer Service!!!! If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Thank you so very much!!!!!

  11. 4

    Spencer Guzman

    I had quite an unfortunate experience with a lot of heating pads but this one is definitely an exception. Instead of being stiff and small, this one is really large and soft. I can choose where I want to distribute the heat which is great. Also, soft fibers make the whole experience really smooth. I am usually a tough sleeper but the heating pad, I doze off all the time, with no exception. Firstly I was afraid that something could go wrong but the pad turns off automatically. A great feature for a lazy one like me. So yeah, generally, I am completely satisfied with the pad. No issues detected for now, and I hope it’ll stay this one.

  12. 5


    I bought this heating pad for my Mom & I’m in love with it! She’s only 5’2 but she’s got some width to her😁 and this pad covers her bottom AND her back & shoulders. It’s also incredibly soft and flexible! The size is amazing & the price is SO good for the size & quality. I am going to get another one for me! No more back pain or leg pain! And so excited to use this in the winter! It’s currently a 105 here in Vegas so this heating pad is still being used because Mom still runs cold despite it being hot outside but it will be even more appreciated in the winter!

  13. 5

    Rhonda Mcdaniel

    This heating pad is very versatile. Its size was a pleasant surprise for me – I didn’t expect it to be so large in real life. I like the color of the cover and the cover itself. Also, the pad has three ways to heat – you can either put it on a “slow” mode, a medium one, or a high-level.
    I don’t usually suffer from regular pains. However, as a dancing coach, I get a lot of muscle soreness, the heat pad helps get my energy back and get back to work the next day.

  14. 4

    Patricia AB

    I’ve had it for almost two months. Warm and comfortable. Simple controls and heat shuts off after about an hour. As I use it at bedtime, I appreciate that. Green is low comfortable heat. Yellow is quite warm. Doubt I’d ever use red, as that setting gets quite hot. Good for my low back pain. I like the size of it as well.

  15. 5


    I have discs in my back that are really painful all the time. I love this heating pad because it is large enough to cover my whole back and the heat is very hot. This is the second one I have bought and will keep on buying. Thanks

  16. 5


    For years I’ve used a microwaveable heating pad but decided that walking back and forth to the kitchen to reheat the pad was getting tiresome. After reading a few reviews, I decided on this one and happy to report that I’m highly satisfied with it. It has a nice long cord and 3 settings, I use the high setting. I keep it at work to wrap around my waist or lay on my legs from my knees down to my feet. It has helped tremendously with my pain relief.

  17. 5

    Linda Tucker Evoniuk

    I’m in my 60’s and thought heating pads were for old people. BUT I LOVE this!! I bought 2!! It’s such nice material, warm and large so I can cover both my knees when I’m hurting! I keep one by my bed and the other by my chair for when I am sitting watching tv.

  18. 4

    E Train

    It’s great when something works like it’s supposed to. This heating pad does its job well.

  19. 5


    A heating pad is very soft & can be draped over wherever I need to place it. I think it’s fleece (or similar) material.
    An electric control sets low, medium, or high. The temperature won’t get as high as a microwavable heating pad but is a reasonably comfortable & soothing temperature.

  20. 5

    Mai Vyou

    Heats quickly and shuts off automatically. very convenient.

  21. 5

    Sandra R. Gibilisco

    I ordered this product for a pinched nerve in my neck. It came in a timely manner and I used it immediately for my neck. I love the fact that if you feel it too hot, the control is very easy to get to and the temperature adjusts without taking a long time to do so. I also use for low back relief, when the heat is called for.
    Thanks for a great product

  22. 4


    large size pad works consistently, love this product!!

  23. 5

    Aly Brinkley

    Originally bought this to help with labor when I was pregnant but I’ve fallen in love with it. This thing is amazing! The quality is great and I love the size. It is the only thing that helps with my neck/back pain. Plus it’s super soft.

  24. 5

    Johanna Atkinson

    I got one for my mother and she loves it! Great product

  25. 5

    Mama dog

    Works the way it was meant to. I’m a tall person and the length of it covers all my back.

  26. 5

    Carlene Reed

    I love your heating pad. I got the 12X18 size and would like to get the larger size one for my husband. Unfortunately you out of stock. I will keep checking so I can get one. Great product!! Thanks!!

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