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Geniani 4L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom/Home with Night Light & Auto Shut Off

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Geniani Large Ultrasonic Humidifier 4L is the best humidifier for big rooms. You can start it running and there’ll be enough water for an entire day. You can even fall asleep and leave it working. Geniani xl humidifier will turn off as soon as the tank is empty.  Even a large area of the home or office (on the high mist setting) will be full of fresh and clean air for 12 hours. If you have a smaller room (on the low setting), 4 liters is enough to produce air moisture up to 24 hours. Buy the Humidifier 4L and enjoy pure air now.

    • Automatic shut-off
    • 4 Liter water tank
    • 360-degree mist nozzle
    • Whisper quiet technology
    • Night light features


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Is it possible to have good-looking skin without special care? To sleep well without sleeping pills? To work effectively without ten cups of coffee in the morning? With a Geniani humidifier, it is. It produces pure and fresh oxygen that wakes up your brain, improves blood circulation, elevates mood, and provides a good night’s sleep.

As powerful as a regular humidifier. Whether you need complete darkness during sleep or prefer a dim light in the room this humidifier is for you! You can turn the night light on and off. 

All is possible with Geniani Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 


Antibacterial_Material (1)

Antibacterial Material

Antimicrobial technology provides extra protection and suppresses mold growth.

Large 4 L Water Tank

Non-stop air humidification on the highest mist setting for 12 hours, and 24 hours on the lowest setting.
Filling_is_a_Breeze (1)

Filling is a Breeze

Turn the water tank over, unscrew the cap, and fill! Fits easily into the kitchen or bathroom sink.
Filter_Free_Operation (1)

Filter Free Operation

Save your money and time! No more spending extra money on filters and extra time on replacing them.
360-Degree_Mist_Nozzle (1)

360-Degree Mist Nozzle

Adjust the direction of the cool mist using rotating mist nozzle.
Adjustable_Mist_Level (1)

Adjustable Mist Level

Set the desired mist level in accordance to your needs.
Ultrasonic_whisper-quiet_technology (1)

Silent Operation

The clever way to humidify the air in your room or whole house while sleeping or working.
Breathe_Easier (1)

Breathe Easier

Refresh and purify the air in your home for a safer, cleaner atmosphere.
Night_Light_Feature (1)

Night Light Feature

Whether you need complete darkness during sleep or prefer a dim light in the room this humidifier is for you! You can turn the night light on and off.

A Perfect Gift

A cool mist humidifier with night light is a good way to impress a family member or a loved one. It is also a practical gift that will be used every day.

Auto Shut-Off

Get enough quality sleep and wake up refreshed! Geniani humidifier turns off automatically when the water level is too low.

A Perfect Size

This large humidifier 4L is perfect for every room and office. Improve the quality of air and ease allergies or other respiratory problems with a Geniani humidifier.
More_powerful (1)

More powerful

Large Ultrasonic Humidifier 4L is twice as powerful as any other. Producing 250-300 ml of mist per hour, the Geniani ultrasonic humidifier moisturizes the air quickly and quietly.
2_year_warranty_ (2)

2 Year Warranty

If you have problems with the humidifier or it stopped working, there is no need to panic. We will promptly replace your product at no charge!

Stylish and Good-Looking

The humidifier has a modern design which will fit both rooms and for offices. The device is perfect even in the bedroom.

ETL Certified

Geniani humidifiers conform to US safety standards which are proven by Intertek certification.

Easy to use


Step 1

Remove the water tank and unscrew the tank cap

Step 2

Add clean water

Step 3

Screw the tank cap back tightly

Step 4

Put the water tank back on and enjoy clean air!

Geniani-innovative solutions to keep your family healthy










120V, 60Hz, 20W


3 Liter

Cable length

5 ft

Rated power


Package Dimensions

13.3 x 8.8 x 8.8 inches

Item Weight

4.51 pounds

Shipping weight

4.51 pounds

Shipping: All orders are shipped within 1 – 2 days with a shipping duration of 2 – 5 business days after the package has left our facility.

: Available not only for 30 days but for up to a year. No questions asked.

21 reviews for Geniani 4L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom/Home with Night Light & Auto Shut Off

  1. 5


    I bought it for winter, cause my skin is very dry due to this cold season and heating. It is really quite, so, the big plus for everyone who is light sleeper too! It has an automatic shut-out function, therefore, I don’t need to wake up through night to turn a humidifier off. The price is perfect for such great product. Definitely recommend to buy.

  2. Courtney_1

    I’m suffer from dry skin and allergy, therefore decided to buy this humidifier. I am very satisfied so far, it works great and good amount of mist comes out of this one. Really easy to use and care of it, but the small minus is that you have to hold it, balanced on a narrow handle while it fills. But, for such price and quality it’s doesn’t matter.

  3. 5


    I live in South Dakota, where the climate is very dry, especially in winter. Therefore, humidifier is my must have purchase. This one is great! It gives lots of mist and works very quietly. The tank is big enough, the humidifier can work up to 12 hours. The design is nice and fits my interior. Worth buying.

  4. 5


    So far we have had no problems with the humidifier. We received it quickly as specified. It does have a blue light on it which doesn’t bother us at all as it is in our den so it actually gives a little light for a path to the bathroom at night. We have not had any problems filling. I haven’t paid much attention to how long it runs before running out. I would say a day and a half to 2 days just going by when the boys fill it up. We run it all the time in cold weather. I was a little stressed at buying a new one as our previous “frog” died. Since our last humidifier had a name our boys have named this one the “Nuke”. Soon the chore list, it says “fill the Nuke”. We have it set on carpet and have not noticed any wet spots at all on the carpet which is great. So as far as we are concerned we would purchase another one. It seems to do the trick for what we were wanting.

  5. 5


    One of the best ones I’ve ordered, quiet and produces great powerful mist, BUT – if you want it to work for 16 hours, which as they advertise is TRUE, it must be on low… otherwise if you want it on medium, you’d wake up with a wet pillow and a red light on, meaning I have no idea when it stopped and my nose and my mouth is dry. So yeah, 16 awesome hours on low, which is probably enough, because this ones’ low is another ones’ full blast. But I wish it went 16 hours on medium blast. That’s all, other than that it’s PERFECT. Cleaning should be easy too.

  6. 5


    I live in a studio apartment which is around 500 square feet. The heat from the landlord was super hot and dry which made me couldn’t sleep at night. I tried using it last night, i didn’t have problem in going to sleep anymore!! Really work to moist the area and make me feel so comfortable!

  7. 5


    So far, so good! It’s super quiet and puts out a significant amount of vapor at half power. I know it’s supposed to be more for a room, but my house is small, so I figured I’d test it out in my living room. It raised the humidity by 8% within two hours, so not bad!
    So far, though, it’s been a great little machine. Also, the light feature is decent and there’s an on/off button for the light, separate from the controls for the humidifier.

  8. 5


    After dealing with a nasty sinus infection I decided to invest in a humidifier for my apartment. I searched for a couple of hours and eventually settled on this one because it had great reviews and it was quite affordable. Originally I wanted to get a whole house humidifier, but the price for a really good one is more than I can afford right now.
    Compared to the humidifiers I’ve had in the past, this one rock! I’ve been moving it from the living room to the bedroom where it sits on a stand right next to my bed. It definitely makes sleeping more comfortable. Filling it is a snap. I will say that if you’re going to run it all day / all night, watch the setting. The higher it is, the more water it uses. but what a difference in my apartment!

  9. 5


    The first one of these I bought was amazing! It REALLY put out LOTS of mist and was very helpful to counteract the 14% humidity when we were using the fireplace. So I bought a second one, which turned out not to work as well as the first. If I filled them at the same time, the first was almost empty hours before the last one purchased. Also, after filling the second on, it would turn off and on repeatedly even though I unplugged it, put it back together, and plugged it back in. That one was returned. I am assuming there was a defect in the second one, so am giving 5 stars for the first one purchased.

  10. 4


    I have very dry cough from allergies. This is the best humidifier for my problem. It gives out a lot of mist even on the very lowest setting. I found after trial and error that it works great using a timer. I set the timer to run for 2 hrs, off for 1-1/2 hrs, then on 2 hrs. It runs for 3 cycles through my sleep time. The carpet doesn’t get soaked and has time to dry out while during the off times. I use distilled water so I don’t have any problems with white dust. It is easy to fill even though it fills from the bottom. The instructions are easy to follow and the price is reasonable. I did a lot of research and always read reviews of all products and compare price, ease of use, etc. This one is the best!!

  11. 4

    The Real McCoy

    This is a great little humidifier. It cranks out great humidity, pull yourself up a circulating pedestal fan and you have the entire room humidified! A couple of bonuses: this humidifier also has a tank that can be illuminated with the touch of a button, which would translate into a great night light for the little ones- night light and humidifier! The top is detached but sets into it perfectly allowing for you to harness the mist in a 360 direction.

  12. 5


    This humidifier is quiet and the blue nightlight is neat to have on at night. It is extremely easy to fill and use. It took a day to notice a difference in the hydrometer but it did raise the humidity ultimately about 15 %. I have it in the doorway of the living room, which is half-open to the kitchen and dining area. So in a smaller space, I’m sure the humidity would increase a lot more. I have no basis for comparison in terms of the “ease of cleaning” the humidifier, but it doesn’t take long. I’d suggest a small scrub brush for crevices in the base.

  13. 5


    I love this 4 l humidifier. It is portable, convenient and stylish. It helps us to control the humidity level at home and get rid of respiratory problems and itchy lips. Also, I don’t have to waste a lot of time to clean the humidifier. As I use distilled water, I clean it once in three days and see no mold or buildup. I find the humidifier super convenient, so no complaints whatsoever.

  14. 5


    I bought one for my son and then one for me. Quiet and works great. Like that it turns off if empty. Holds large amount of water. Somewhat difficult to clean in the tank but when using distilled water, don’t need to clean as often. Thank you.

  15. 4


    I’ve been using this product for 3 weeks and am really impressed by the power of the mist and the large capacity of the water tank. It comes with a dial to regulate the mist, but even at the lower level, it releases mist enough to keep the room adequately humidified and comfortable. During the night I use it in my bedroom and the large tank guarantees that the humidifier will not run out of water. During the day it is very quiet and silent. During the night it is a little bit noisy if used at a nightstand beside a bed, but I solved that issue leaving it at the top of my drawer at the opposite side of my bed, which works well as the humidifier is powerful and has a large range of coverage. I have sinusitis and the humidifier is helping me to keep myself healthy. I recommend this product and if I need to buy it for a friend or even for myself again, I would buy it from this brand.

  16. 4

    Barbara J.

    I do like the Geniani Ultra-sonic Cool Humidifier for its quiet mist. It is easy to keep clean with the suggestion of mixing vinegar with water. It would have been nice to wipe out the tank as well as all other parts. I would buy another one when needed.

  17. 5


    I purchased this for my elderly mom’s room. It’s very quiet and emits a cool vapor immediately upon turning it on. The tank volume is great. I haven’t had to clean it yet, but it seems like it will be easy to do. I would highly recommend this product.

  18. 5


    Best humidifier in the market serves the purpose, easy to clean.

  19. 4


    Great product and quality.

  20. 5


    We finally found one that takes care of our needs.

  21. 5


    I liked how easy it is to use and it is quiet,and it does what it is supposed to do,I am glad I brought it. No complaints from me.

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