4L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom/Home with Night Light & Auto Shut Off


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Automatic shut-off
4 Liter water tank
360-degree mist nozzle
Whisper quiet technology
Night light feature
2 Year Warranty!

Geniani humidifier with automatic shut-off and
ultrasonic whisper-quiet technology

Fresh air can be a kick-starting push for many positive changes in your life. For starters, it
will help you sleep better, work more effectively, and you won’t feel exhausted all the time. Not to
mention that the humidifier also gives you a chance to relax and spend pleasant time with your
friends and family.

Why should you buy a Geniani humidifier?

This humidifier is twice as powerful as any other.
Producing 250-300 ml of mist per hour, the Geniani ultrasonic humidifier moisturizes the air
quickly and quietly.

Key features:

Whisper quiet technology
With a Geniani humidifier, you’ll have a great sleep quality of sleep, with no noise and the constant stream of fresh air in your bedroom.

4L water tank
If you have a big room, this humidifier is definitely a good fit. You can start it running and there’ll be enough water for an entire day.

Automatic shut-off
Geniani humidifier has a very relaxing soothing effect. So you can even fall asleep and leave a humidifier working, we took care of it. Geniani air diffuser will turn off as soon as the tank is empty.

Nightlight feature
Kids love nightlights. And adults do, too. That’s why we added the feature to the humidifier. Turn on the soft light to relax after a workday.

A solid choice for a baby
Geniani humidifier is a great fit for the needs of your kids – it’s quiet, safe, and relaxing. Also, that’s where automatic shut-off comes in handy so your child will be completely safe.



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: Available not only for 30 days but for up to a year. No questions asked.


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