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Geniani 2L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with Timer

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Geniani Small Humidifier 2L with Timer is the best way to 100% freshen your air and let moisturized air into your room. Perfect for all small rooms and offices. Now you decide when you want the device to shut off with an automatic timer. This small and portable humidifier works quietly to protect your sleep and doesn’t disturb you while working or watching TV. Don’t miss the chance to start a healthy life and buy your personal humidifier now.

  • Ultrasonic whisper-quiet technology;
  • 2-year warranty;
  • 2 L water tank capacity;
  • Easy-to-use touch control panel;
  • LED night light features. Easily turn it off if needed;
  • Easy to clean and maintain;
  • Easy to handle.

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Is it possible to have good-looking skin without special care? To sleep well without sleeping pills? To work effectively without ten cups of coffee in the morning? With a Geniani humidifier, it is. It produces pure and fresh oxygen that wakes up your brain, improves blood circulation, elevates mood, and provides a good night’s sleep. As powerful as a regular humidifier. Whether you need complete darkness during sleep or prefer a dim light in the room this humidifier is for you! You can turn the night light on and off. 

All is possible with Geniani Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 


Antibacterial Material

Antimicrobial technology provides extra protection and suppresses mold growth.

2 L Water Tank

Non-stop air humidification on the highest mist setting for 12 hours, and 20 hours on the lowest setting.

Filling is a Breeze

Turn the water tank over, unscrew the cap, and fill! Fits easily into the kitchen or bathroom sink.

Filter Free Operation

Save your money and time! No more spending extra money on filters and extra time on replacing them.

360-Degree Mist Nozzle

Adjust the direction of the cool mist using rotating mist nozzle.

Adjustable Mist Level

Set the desired mist level in accordance to your needs.

Silent Operation

The clever way to humidify the air in your room or whole house while sleeping or working.

Breathe Easier

Refresh and purify the air in your home for a safer, cleaner atmosphere.

Easy to Use

This Geniani cool mist humidifier is no jigsaw puzzle – controlling the device is so easy anyone could do it! All the controls are powered with an easy to use touch panel – using the humidifier is no different than tapping on a smartphone.

Night Light Feature

Whether you need complete darkness during sleep or prefer a dim light in the room this humidifier is for you! You can turn the night light on and off.

Automatic Timer

Even if you have to leave the house or take a nap, your humidifier will work just as you set it. Set a timer for as many hours as you’d like and the device will shut down automatically.

Compact Yet Powerful

This 2l cool mist humidifier is perfect for all-sized rooms and offices. Easy to use and maintain. Enjoy the fresh air for 12 hours with our small humidifier 2L with timer.

Best Humidifier for Baby

A compact and safe humidifier is all you need to keep children healthy. The best humidifier for a nursery.

Stylish and Good-Looking

The humidifier has a modern design which will fit both rooms and for offices. The device is perfect even in big rooms.

2 Year Warranty

If you have problems with the humidifier or it stopped working, there is no need to panic. We will promptly replace your product at no charge!
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ETL Certified

Geniani humidifiers conform to US safety standards which are proved by Intertek certification

Easy to use


Step 1

Remove the water tank and unscrew the tank cap

Step 2

Add clean water

Step 3

Screw the tank cap back tightly

Step 4

Put the water tank back on and enjoy clean air!

Geniani-innovative solutions to keep your family healthy



Tank capacity


Cable length

5 ft

Rated power


Package Dimensions

10.5 x 7.9 x 7.8 inches

Item Weight

2.35 pounds

Shipping Weight

2.35 pounds

Shipping: All orders are shipped within 1 – 2 days with a shipping duration of 2 – 5 business days after the package has left our facility.

: Available not only for 30 days but for up to a year. No questions asked.

26 reviews for Geniani 2L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with Timer

  1. Carly

    This little and so cute little guy is awesome! I ordered this humidifier as a replacement for the other one and I really love it. Compact, easy to use and maintain. It is soooo quiet you never know it’s on. Really great product. By the way, I would recommend using distilled water.

  2. 5

    M. Cassidy

    This humidifier really impresses me. I needed it to replace one in my bedroom that was just making too much noise. I purchased this basically because of the reviews. When I opened the box I thought it was just too small to really produce vapor but this little guy proved me wrong. It is half the size of my older one but produces twice as much. It is soooo quiet you never know it’s on. You can detach the cord so that you’re not dragging that with you when you empty the basin. Lightweight, easy to fill. Needless to say, I’m very happy with it and heartily recommend it.

  3. 5


    This humidifier is so well-made. I use it in our children’s room and this cute humidifier is perfect for such medium room. What I like most about this item are the timer and an auto shut off option which is good for every parent. Works extremelly quiet.
    The design is great, my little daughter still think that it is a lamp 🙂

  4. 5


    I don’t know why, but I think that this cute little humidifier was made for kids:) Therefore, I got the humidifier for my son. He has been struggling with coughing for almost 2 weeks and nothing helped. He had been coughing all night, therefore didn’t sleep. I bought this one and my son stopped coughing and sneezing after 2 days of usage. I love it very much! The little and portable humidifier works quietly and don’t disturb me at all. Also, it has 3-speed settings, which is good because now I can choose the right for my own needs. Definitely recommend.

  5. 5


    I’ve been having bad allergies, sneezing and itchy eyes, and finally decided to purchase a humidifier. My cat also has allergies and was having some dander due to the heater running. I’m in a one bedroom apartment so it can get a little stuffy. I’ve used it for two night and so far I love it. It is super quiet and the water tank lasts a long time. I’ve had yet to fill it up again. My cat also seems to be breathing a lot better and his dander has decreased. The machine isn’t huge so fits nicely on a nightstand. Also has a nightlight you can turn off which would be nice for kids or babies. Definitely recommend. Great for your money.

  6. 5

    Goth Princess

    I’ve used many humidifiers in the winter and this has been the best one so far. It is fairly quiet (I live in a rural area so there isn’t much noise except crickets and frogs. If you live in a city you probably won’t even notice any noise from the humidifier.) I set it on the lowest level and can run it for three nights before filling it up again. It is very easy to clean and refill.

  7. 5

    Brianna Spedal

    Love it! It’s super quiet, but loud enough to offer a comfortable level of noise when you sleep. It keeps putting out moisture for like 12 hours when you leave it on. I live in Colorado and it’s so dry here. I definitely notice a difference in my skin and sinuses when I run this little baby. Great buy for the price!:-)

  8. 5

    Jared Wright

    I’m a regular humidifier user. My previous one has served me for a long while but as it got older there were louder noises coming out of it. At one point, using it was distracting and no longer made sense. I got this one as a replacement and even got more comfortable. For once thing, a previous humidifier I had didn’t have times as this one does. It’s very convenient since I can change a number of hours for which I want the humidifier on.

    Also, cleaning the humidifier is pretty easy. All it takes is to remove the tank, use water and vinegar to clean it., and put everything back the way it was. The humidifier is very convenient.

  9. 5


    I purchased this for my daughter (7). Poor thing gets the occasional nosebleed in the winter. I read many Q&As and reviews on different humidifiers and decided on this one. It’s quiet, easy to fill, doesn’t leak, has a timer option, doubles as a nightlight (optional), and definitely cut down on the nosebleeds. I recommend.

  10. 5


    Love this. Just the right size. It is easy to carry downstairs to my kitchen to fill. It will last me 2 nights if I remember to turn it off in the morning. The design is really cool and not obnoxious at all. I tend to have oil CD about having a minimal atheistic but I hardly notice this and it doesn’t bother me at all. The blue light stays on all the time so I had to cover it with tape because I sleep in dark. I wish they didn’t do that, but it seems all humidifiers have that.

  11. 4

    Erica Rodgers

    I got this humidifier to help me fight spring and summer allergies. It’s been a pure joy so far. For one thing, the output is really powerful. Also, the water reservoir is just perfect – not too big and not too small either. All the control buttons are labeled – I love it because the humidifier is easier to use this way. It comes with a manual but I never needed it – assembling the humidifier is easy to understand intuitively.

  12. 5


    For the most part, I like this humidifier. Omg downside is that it is difficult to clean and remove all the water from the Reservoir when not in use. I love that it’s a touch sensor. You can set times and it has a night light. Which I love. It has 3 steam settings. I would have never known this if I had not read the manual. So be sure to read it. It does put out a lot of steam on the high setting. It’s smaller than expected but is great for small bedrooms. It lasted all night long. Auto shut off also. GREAT product

  13. 5

    Rose A Powell

    I have always been told that a humidifier will help the air climate in a room and work with your sinuses. But until I had the opportunity to actually receive one in exchange for my review that was just talking. I received this one on the 10th and didn’t open it until the next day before bedtime. We have had similar products before but the purpose was as an oil diffuser, the set up is the same and the ease of use is the same. However, this one emits a cool mist of moisture into the air creating an environment that is appealing to the senses and helps with nighttime breathing and sinus troubles. Typically speaking, I wake up with dry mouth and dry sinuses and a stuffy nose. The first night, I slept like a whole baby. This is important for me because I am 8 months pregnant, and feel like I have not slept in months with this growing mound and add my sinus issues to boot, I was floored to get 6 straight hours of peaceful, restful, sleep. No dry mouth, no dry nose. The unit is easy to use, at the push of one singular button you start the machine either timed high most 2 hours with or without a night light or low mist with or without led night light and the same button to turn it off. Cleaning and filling are easy and quick. I am not a highly technical person so the simple instructions are very appealing! I love this and cannot wait to share it with my little princess arriving in September.

  14. 4


    I wanted to buy a new humidifier after my old one broke after working rigorously for 2 seasons. I found this as it looks similar to the one I have, costs the same but has more features.
    Some features of this humidifier I like.
    1. It has a night light. Which is pretty cool.
    2. It has time that you can set up for it to shut.
    3. It starts to produce mist as soon as you switch it on.
    4. It has 3 modes to select the intensity of mist.
    5. Build quality seems good.

    It’s a small humidifier for smaller rooms but works great if placed in a small room.

    The only issue I feel is cleaning the reservoir as it has a small opening to fill water and that’s the only opening to clean the tank as well but since it’s very small it’s kind of difficult to clean using a brush or something. You can just use soapy water and rinse it a couple of times.

    Overall it’s a good humidifier if you can find a way to clean it. I would rate it a 4.5.

  15. 5


    I wish I would have bought one of these sooner. We always use a humidifier when one of us is sick. This one, we kept it on the lowest setting all night and the vapor was still very strong! I filled it up almost all the way, not completely and overnight It did use up almost all of that water in the lowest setting so I am interested to see how the water ratio will go when we get more use of it. I love that the tank is clear, and we also love the blue light setting which can be turned off, or on. I am very happy with everything it offers.

  16. 4


    Very easy to use and very quiet operation. I’d definitely recommend this for a small room.

  17. 5


    This is an Awesome Humidifier!!! I slept so peacefully with it on !!! I absolutely give this Product 5 Stars Plus!!!

  18. 5


    Perfect for my daughters’ room. Easy to clean and lasts two plus nights without having to refill. We have horrible allergens where we live and this has been a lifesaver in helping to prevent sinus infections. Does put off a small light on the dial which my daughter looks at as another small nightlight. Noise is evident but far from obnoxious like the one I have set up in my own room.

  19. 5

    L J Barrett

    Great little humidifier! Easy to use, refill over the sink, but not messy. Easy to keep clean if you use distilled water. I do need to cover the start button little light, other than that works well.

  20. 4

    Matt Gipson

    It is a bit louder than what I am used to but actually becomes a pretty good white noise to help fall asleep. This thing is much easier to clean than the previous ones I have purchased, which right now, cleanliness is important as it should be all the time. This humidifier does not need refilling as often as others and still serves its purpose. I dig it.

  21. 5


    Have used only a short while but for my bedside it’s perfect. Put on table by the bed on a a thick placemat. Time set is so handy. I am delighted with this product. It’s great keeping dryness down in nasal and throat. Skin itch from high desert air is so much better too.

  22. 4

    AC Too

    I only wish it could fill from the top. When full, it lasts about two nights at high speed. It’s not hard to fill, just inconvenient and a little messy. But overall, I love it. It’s quiet and dispenses a good amount of moisture into the air. I’ve used it dozens of times, and it works great each time. Heartily recommend this small-sized humidifier for a smallish room.

  23. 5


    I really love this thing, it helps me breathe easy and I don’t wake up in a sneezing fit… Perfect for those dry, irritable autumn/winter months. Easy to empty/refill, small but lasts throughout the night. 🙂

  24. 4

    R. Jacobson

    This is a small, low-volume humidifier – it is not useful for a room any bigger than ~250 sq. ft. It has a small reservoir that only lasts a day (which is not necessarily bad). For a small room, it does a great job.

  25. 4

    nancy bell allen

    Quiet, easy to set up and use.

  26. 5

    London Manske

    Very happy with the product. We have two that we utilize regularly and we have yet to have an issue with either of them. Easy to use. Like the light feature for the baby’s room!

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