Deep Tissue Massager for Back, Body, Shoulders, Neck and Sore Muscles - Cordless Electric Handheld Massager Full Body Pain Relief - Percussion Massage Therapy for Legs, Feet & Body (Black)


Back Massager You Always Dream About

Say goodbye to muscular discomfort with Geniani Rock, the top-performing portable massager available on the market.

With a powerful, yet silent motor that can go up to 3700 rpm, this percussion massager reaches deep into your muscles, being the ideal massage machine for the back and neck.

Powerful electric muscle massager

The intensity and speed of the device can be set up to your personal preferences, as well as what type of massage you want since this sports massager is versatile enough to cover all major muscle groups in your body. 


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Your portable handheld massager for back and neck

Lightweight and cordless, Geniani Rock has all the features you need to make it a great portable massager, and benefits from a powerful motor that allows deep muscle penetration.

With a slim and compact design, you can take it with you at the office or when travelling, and use it without any other preparation. Simply hold it with one hand and place it over the area that needs to be relieved of tension.

It can last up to 120 minutes with one charge, this being enough for several sessions of muscle and mind relaxation.

Portable handheld massager for back and neck: using
Professional massaging machine Geninai Rock Black

The equivalent of a professional massaging machine

Geniani Rock is a versatile personal massager that can offer deep muscle relaxation for all major muscle groups, coming with varied levels of intensity that applies to a specific body area.

With 6 different heads that serve different functions, you can now massage body areas that are otherwise hard to reach, such as arms and calves. Even more, it also includes a scalp massaging head, to relieve headaches and improve wellbeing.

A truly professional massager made portable and convenient at a cost-effective price.

Relieves muscle soreness and increases blood circulation

This personal massager is ideal for people with sedentary lives that spend a lot of time sitting down, getting muscle cramps and accumulated tension.

Geniani Rock offers deep muscle relief therapy that will loosen up painful muscle knots, as well as improve blood circulation in that nevralgic area.

It can be used anytime and anywhere, so you can have it with you to use at work or when travelling. 

Rock Electric Back Massagers: accesories

Speed up your post-exercise recovery

Athletes can benefit from using this personal massager as well, since it will help fight the build of lactic acid, and goes deep into the muscle fascia, aiding up the recovery process.

Studies have shown that massage therapy after exercise can improve the efficiency of a workout by 30% if done on a regular basis, making Geniani Rock a great addition to your post-exercise routine.

Geniani Rock - Handheld Massager

Rock Massager Sky Blue

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