Power User Program

geniani power user program - Power User Program

All members of Geniani’s Power User Program get exclusive discounts, loyalty rewards, free products, and other special benefits!

At Geniani, we are committed to continuous improvement of our products that help people to embody their dreams. Listening to our customers and applying their feedback is a critical part of this growth process. Therefore, we created the Power User Program to enable us to gather opinions and views about our products. Joining this program is just like joining a VIP Club!

We invite you to become a member of our community and get a unique chance to be one of the first to test all of our products. The great news is that participation is completely free. Be sure to fill out the application form right now to get started today!


At Geniani, we are focused on the constant improvement of our product line – all from a customer point of view. We created the Geniani Power User Program to reward those who help us to improve of our products. By seeing through the eyes of our customers, we’re able to provide better products and better service. We decided to offer the members of our Power User Program a limited supply of free test samples to know get their opinion about the benefits and shortcomings of the products we offer. This helps us better gauge market response and helps us identify any improvements we might want to make early on.

Geniani Power Users will have an opportunity to receive free products for testing. Power Users also receive regular exclusive discounts on Geniani products and have the chance to get bonus gifts after helping us complete surveys.

Power Users are expected to help us by completing surveys that help us improve our products and brand image.

At the current moment applicants must reside in the United States.

Valid links to your Amazon account and some of your social media channels must be provided for evaluation.

Feel free to complete and submit the application form.

We contact Geniani Power Users by email or messenger.