Heat treatment for pain. Types of thermotherapy. Benefits and usage of heating pads

Heat therapy can provide relaxation, comfort, and reassurance by taking the edge off of several kinds of body pain.  This type of treatment increases the blood flow, along with protein and oxygen. Let’s talk about benefits and types of heating therapy.


Heat treatment for pain

  Heat therapy is an awesome treatment for the management of chronic pain. Warm temperature therapy aids in muscle relaxation. As a result, it can ease pain and alleviate stiffness of sore joints.

  There are many different types of heat therapy, and a variety of methods to choose from. You will definitely discover a favorite after trying many of them. It is really important to understand which therapy is optimal for your needs; which provides the best relief. We list a few options that you may want to try in your treatment.

Types of heat therapy

  There are two options for heat therapy: moist heat and dry heat.

  • Dry heat, such as electric heating pads and saunas, draw out moisture from the body and may leave the skin dehydrated. However, some people feel that dry heat is the easiest to apply and feels the best.
  • Moist heat, such as hot baths, steaming hot towels or moist heating packs can aid in the heat’s penetration into the muscles, and some people feel that moist heat provides better pain relief.

  Let’s talk about some details.

Hot bath or shower, sauna

 Hydrotherapy — water treatment — is still popular. Immersion, buoyancy, heat, and vibration (for jets) all have useful biological as well as sensory effects. They are useful to people with injuries, pain, anxiety, depression, and more.

  Tips for you: the most relaxing bath is warm, not hot! Combining a hot bath with self-massage is extremely helpful. After a warm bath do some stretching. It is widely used for relieving muscular aches and pains. After bathing stretching exercises will be more effective.



Heating pad

  This simple heat therapy option comes in many different sizes.Heating pads help you get rid of the pain by targeting the area with a stream of heat. Heat helps muscles relax, and makes the pain go away. Several minutes of heat therapy are enough to feel relief and forget about aching muscles.



Hot water bottle

  The best hot water bottle for pain relief can easily and quickly reduce pain, when painful cramps or pulled muscles strike. Hot water bottles deliver targeted heat therapy, enhancing blood circulation, loosening up tense muscles, and providing a comforting blanket of warmth.

Heated gel packs

  Like a hot water bottle, gel packs are widely available. They usually stay warm for about 40 minutes after activation in a microwave. Some heated gel pack options may also include moist heat, which many people find helpful.



When heat therapy can’t be used

  Please note that heat should not be used in some circumstances.It is very important to know when heat therapy is not an option. If you have heart diseases or hypertension you should definitely consult your doctors. Moreover, if your lower back is swollen or bruised, heat is not the best choice for you.

  Note: heat application is also not suitable in the following cases:

  1. Dermatitis
  2. Deep vein thrombosis
  3. Diabetes
  4. Peripheral vascular disease
  5. Open wound
  6. Severe cognitive impairment
  7. Heart diseases


Benefits of heating pads

  Winter is coming! This is the season of the year when you want to warm up quickly or just fly off somewhere winter can’t be found. But what can you do when you are at work and cannot warm up? Or at home when you need more warmth?Heating pads can be used for many things!

  Warming you up when it is too cold is just one of them. They can ease and soothe sore muscles or help reduce stomach cramps, by relieving sore muscles. The physical benefits of heat and heating pads are that the heat makes the blood vessels throughout the muscles expand. You can also use heating pads for your meditation purposes. 

  Other benefits of using heating pads are that it relaxes you and helps free your mind. Adding heat will benefit not only you but the people around you in the long run because it helps promote a healthy state of mind and happiness.

  Take care!

  Your Geniani team.