Solid reputation and experience

Building the brand’s reputation has been one of our essential values since Day 1. Now we reap the seeds of our hard work. Statistically, every third client that buys a humidifier then orders other Geniani products.


Unique technologies and modern design

As we were growing and developing, new technologies and innovations became available. We implemented the Ultrasonic Whisper Quiet Technology in our products to make them as easy to use and non-distracting as possible. Also, the company began working with designers who now create unique designs for diffusers, humidifiers, and heating pads.


A team of support agents

With years of experience and practice, it became harder to monitor all the inquiries and questions of our clients on our own. That’s why we now have a dedicated customer service team available 24/7 ready to answer all questions and inquires.


But the main principles remained the same

Though we’ve grown, and we are proud of that, we are still the same team with big dreams and ambitions.


Thank you for choosing us!

Your Geniani team